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Originally Posted by hankhavelock View Post
I've had my losses too.

We - and especially you Americans, I presume - live in a world where fascism has its evil root. Anything weird and different is up for a killing... and as long as we have a stupid right-wing, this will continue...

And that's the reality for most transsexuals - living in constant fear of not necessarily being killed but then at least being harrassed constantly by total insanity. Being regarded as freaks - being looked upon as weirdos that nobody wants.

Welcome to the glorious world of Western "demoCRAZY". Just listen to the horrible FOX-news... I'm certain they would CHEER the death of a transsexual... deep down it would make Sean Hannity feel GOOD...

So sad!

That's religion for you. Though TSes aren't mentioned in the bible, to a christain a TS would be considered a gay man, and gay men must be killed. The worst type of evil has been because of religion.
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