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Originally Posted by Boner View Post
Very nice! I gotta say Tonya is my favorite jungle fantasy
“Jungle Movies” are probably one of the places where guys experience scantily-clad beautiful women for the first time. Another movie I remember was “Sheena” starring Tanya Roberts.

“Sheena” was one of the first VHS rentals my mom got for me. I guess she thought it was all right since it was rated “PG” or something. There is a scene early in the movie where Tanya is topless taking a shower under a waterfall. She also is bound and almost thrown from a helicopter by bad guys. Never told my mom about that…

“Miracles Still Happen” is a good movie. I guess I should’ve felt guilty jacking off over a girl who just lost her family in a plane crash but when you are a kid you don’t stop to think about stuff like that. Anyway, I just thought Susan was really cute and sexy and well… you know. I watched the whole thing and was glad she was finally rescued. At the time I didn’t know it was based on a true story. Never have seen it since—she must have made a big impression on me that I would still remember her today. Sort of like your first girlfriend…

Out of curiosity I looked her up yesterday and discovered her son is older than me. And that is a true story about Detroit and my first plane ride. As we were headed down the runway, I thought about Susan (not the crash in the beginning of course) and it made me feel better. Since then I have flown more times than I care to remember. On business, with my college football team, and with my family on vacation.
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