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Originally Posted by shadows View Post
I await the day when days like this won't be necessary and the women(and men) are treated like human beings without having to worry about violence brought towards them due to who they are.
I feel you, and not to discourage you or disrespect in anyway, but probably you understand that this day may never come.

It's much like racism, or any other bigotry! Alas you may even think I am a bigot, for contradicting you and feeling this way. Truth is, I feel the same way you expressed in those words, but most days of my life I have had to fight with racism over and over, and I'm sick and TIRED of it!!

I was born this way, and I cannot hide who I am, I didn't have a choice, and it is why I relate so well with any trans out there. Days like this are important to slap these bigots in the face with the truth, and open their minds ! Unfortunately they are like cockroaches, if you step on them, more will come...

Sometimes it seems like I hate people, but I don't hate a soul, what I hate is the disrespect people show others who have done nothing to deserve such treatment, apart from being themselves...
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