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Not so guys.

Eliminating gonadal testosterone (the adrenal gland still produces some) will have several beneficial effects long after puberty.

Body hair regrowth (but NOT beard, sadly) will slow, if not stop entirely. The skin will soften.

Many of us choose to remove testosterone from the equation either surgically or chemically. It allows a reduction in oestrogen dose - which is a marked benefit in itself. In fact, for some eliminating the testosterone allows their own natural oestrogen levels to achieve some feminisation particularly of breasts.

I've been testosterone free for 18 months or so and the body hair regrowth between waxing sessions has been reduced to such an extent that my upper body only needs waxing every 6-8 weeks versus 3-4 originally.

The other major benefit is protection of the scalp hair. Some form of blocking of DHT is necessary, whether by Dutasteride, Finasteride or surgery to prevent or even, in a limited fashion, reverse male pattern hair loss.

I'd go the surgical route in a heartbeat.


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