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Default It was just a bad dream...

Wow what a dream I had last night! It’s very early on a Sunday morning. Sitting up I’m still really shaken by it. Just last night we were talking about getting married. Then we made love for hours. Looking over at Cindy she is sound asleep next to me. God, I’m not sure what I’d do if she left me.

Stirring, she yawns and asks “What time is it baby?”

“About 5 AM.”

“Are you OK Andy? I could tell something was really upsetting you. You were thrashing around a lot. Wanna tell me about it?” she says as she sits up and puts her arms around me.

“Well I had a dream that you caught me looking at porn online and then left me.”

“Awww… Baby I would never leave you. And I know you like to visit that one site, what is it? TLB? You have a lot of friends there and you and I both have looked at porn together before.” Giggling you say “I get a lot of ideas from it… As long as you’re not sneaking around dating Angeles Cid or Nicole behind my back it’s OK.”

“I just need you to hold me Cindy.”

“Sure baby. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

After a few minutes, Cindy asks “are you feeling better Andy?”


“Ummm… I can tell…” you say giggling. “So do you feel like having some early morning fun, baby?”

We kiss then start stroking each other’s cocks. Cindy is obviously enjoying this. She always sleeps naked and in the blue-green glow of our alarm clock her eyes look unreal. Her long blonde hair is messy from the night before and her body is still covered in a light coat of baby oil.

I go down on her and suck her beautiful cock as she continues to stroke mine. After a few minutes we shift positions and now she’s underneath me. She pulls her long legs up as I enter her and begin to fuck her.

“Fucking Christ Andy. That feels so good!”

“Funny I was thinking the same thing Cindy.” We both laugh.

As our orgasms build your body grows tense and your breathing become very shallow and regular. I can feel the tension building in both of us as we grab hold of the bed sheets. The oil shining in the dim light highlights your amazing body and legs. God, you are so sexy Cindy. We don’t say anything. Most the sounds we make are unintelligible anyway. The feeling grows and grows until we both shoot our loads. Mine into you and yours all over me, the bed, everything.

You just lie back and sigh. I snuggle next to you. Looking over at me you say “Andy, do you remember when I told you that until I met you I had never woken up with someone I cared about? Well remember this morning, baby. I love you.”

Feeling SO relaxed I reach over and shut off the alarm. Today we’re just gonna sleep in and then hang out around the house.

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