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Default It's Been Awhile

“I’ve never felt like this about anyone before, Andy” you say across the dining room table “you are so fucking good to me baby.” The room is dark except for candlelight. It’s the end of your mid-term break, a cold October night, and, to celebrate your 21st birthday I made you dinner. There is a roaring fire in the fireplace. When we first met I had absolutely no idea where this relationship was going. I mean especially considering how we met (Pretty Woman 2017).

“I love you Cindy” I say as you smile at me. “I love you too Andy.” We have been through several bottles of wine already and I can tell you are a little drunk. “Andy, I have never been in love with anyone before. I have everything anyone could ever want. My parents are rich, I always got good grades in school, I was the most beautiful girl in my class. But I always thought most guys were jerks. I started my own call girl business because I love sex and didn’t want the commitment. You pause, then add “But there was something special that first time we were together. I know you felt it too. Didn’t you?”

“Cindy I’ve been with many women. You know I’ve been married twice. This divorce has been very hard on me. I saw your ad and I thought ‘what the hell’ I figured we’d have a good time and never see each other again. What I didn’t count on was falling in love.”

“Yeah. Well I realize what’s been missing from my life. I had no idea. That trip we made in August to take my stuff down to school. I’ve never spent a day just being with someone—even just talking—it was so different. You know I liked when we just held hands and walked around campus. And of course when we made love later that evening then snuggling up with you after… I’ve never woken up with someone that I really cared about Andy.”

You get up and walk over to where I’m sitting. You fill both our glasses and say “Why don’t we go sit in front of the fire?”

We lie there together and talk some more. You tell me how your classes are going. You say “I told my girlfriends that have had you in class not to say anything or give you a hard time. I know a few of them that would love to fuck their prof. I told them if they ever come onto you I’d kick their ass.”

“How do you feel about being in a relationship with someone in his 30’s, Cindy?”

“Christ, you’re in better shape than any guy I know, Andy. Plus you’re smart and successful. I’m not interested in ‘boys’” you say laughing. “I feel like I’m 21 going on 30 anyway. You and I have a lot in common. So I think it’s OK. You teach at a different university—it’s not like I’m your student. My parents really like you. My dad thinks it’s cool that you teach and also have your own company.” Giggling you add “What? Would you rather see me dating a 23 year old unemployed douchebag who lives in his parents basement?”

Without saying anything more we kiss. It is long and passionate. I was hard hours ago. Now I’m even harder. Laughing we both quickly down the rest of the wine then you lay back on the rug in front of the fire. Your slit skirt shows off your long legs which are slightly parted and very inviting. Running my hand up your thigh I feel your hard cock and slowly stroke you as we kiss some more. You moan as I gently take you into my mouth. I work your shaft and head over with my tongue until you can’t stand it anymore.

“God. Fuck me baby.” Continuing to work on your cock I insert my fingers into you and gently massage your prostate. I can tell you SO want to cum. But not yet baby. Not yet. You are squirming on the floor moaning and pleading, gripping the rug. When I can tell you are ready, I enter you. I hold your wrists down as I fuck you slowly at first. I can feel our orgasms building. Your cock is dripping precum and I begin to jack you off as I continue fucking you. You are fucking me back just as hard. Your eyes are closed and I can tell you are about to cum. We explode together. I shoot my load deep inside you and you shoot yours all over your tummy, me, the rug, everything.

We both collapse and just lie there for a few minutes. Looking me in the eyes you say “Christ Andy that was awesome.”

We grab a couple of pillows off the couch and snuggle up under a blanket. Outside the night has gotten very cold and there are snow flurries but lying there with you in front of the fire it feels so good. Holding each other we gradually drift off to sleep.

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