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Default An Autobondage Experience

I remember reading this back in the late 90’s. While strictly not a “shemale” fantasy, I found it somewhat hot and thought others might enjoy it. Just use your imagination. For me at least it would get very interesting if say, Kelly Shore walked in on me... I have never tried anything like this and don’t recommend it as there are too many things that can go wrong.

It’s too long to post at over 4000 words. Sorry the page is kind of “dated.” Just pretend its 1999!

Here’s an excerpt:

I haven't done much self-bondage recently. The last real scene that I can recall happened early in the Fall. It was the most intense auto-bondage that I've undertaken to date. Rather than envisioning myself at the mercy of a female Dominatrix, I drove that intensity much higher by imagining -myself- as the master. This was a new twist for me, submitting to a male, but who would know better how to Top me, than me?

The setting was my exercise room. Intended as a bedroom, I have filled it with a large "Universal" type weight machine. I have mounted several mirrors to the walls, and a few more are loose. One wall is covered with about 30 Boris prints.

For this scene, I pulled down the window-shade, stripped, and knelt before one of the big mirrors. Kneeling down, knees spread wide, I picked up my collar, kissed it, and wrapped it around my neck, enjoying the smell, the rough feel of it. The heavy padlock went easily through the hasp, and with a resonant snap, the lock closed shut. Enslaved, I rushed around the house collecting up the necessary supplies.

When the floor of the exercise room was littered with rope, leather, cuffs, and various other items of pain or restraint, I lay down on the padded black exercise bench to check the view. Not good. I got up, and angled the bench up 30 degrees, locking it in place with a heavy steel pin. Better, but still not good enough. I slid the large movable mirror a few feet along the wall, until it was opposite where my head would be. I climbed back onto the bench, enjoying the sight of my muscles rippling as I positioned myself: feet down on the leg curl bar, body lying back on the bench, arms reaching high over my head, holding the two huge metal supports, between which the weights ride. I pretended that my wrists and ankles were fastened, and squirmed a bit. It felt good, stretching the muscles like that, and it looked good too.

My sight turned inward as I gazed into the mirrors, and I found myself wishing that I could replicate myself, with one copy to spring up and take control, binding the other copy tightly to the bench. I imagined how nice it would be to be able to tower over such a powerful male, made helpless by my bonds, and force him to submit to me. He would have to do anything I commanded, or face my wrath!
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