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Default Females attracted to ladyboys or shemales?

Hi evryone!
I am new here and I am totally inexperienced when it comes to ladyboys/shemales, have been looking here in Sweden but there seem not to be that many shemales here, the one I have been in contact with is Lola from Gothenburg but she did not do females, so looking for alternatives...

I have been talking with a female friend about going to Thailand, she is up for that but was not shure she wanted to be with a ladyboy, she as well as I find them attractive but as I said she would probably not want to be with one, so am I the only female feeling like this, or do you know anyone else like me who is not in the porn industry feeling attracted to ladyboys/shemales?

How common is it that females are with ladyboys when going to Asia, does it ever happen?

How would the ladyboys take it if I were to go into a bar looking for a ladyboy, would they reject me? Are they only into men?
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