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Originally Posted by Stefanmlc View Post
Hi all,

Never address a transgender lady with the words 'shemale' or 'trannie', for a lot of transgender women those are names that are not respectful.

But what about the 'tgirl'? Is that oke, or not?
Why not? Yes I know all the answers. Because it is a porn description and so on. T girl too.

So to be really respectful how about just her, she, woman and just femme pronouns? That is the best to use.

Personally I don't mind she male or tranny. I mean really what am I? besides that how many guys are interested because of the porn industry. Oh believe me if you are disrespectful I will definitely let you know.

Seriously though a lot of trans women and girls are way too sensitive about pronouns. If they are that sensitive then run. You really don't need or want all that drama. But if you fall for her then you will have to deal with it. It will not be easy because if she male and tranny triggers her then that is way too sensitive. You call me that in public and around your friends then get ready to get slapped but alone, I really don't care as long as you treat me with respect.

Does that help a little.
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