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Originally Posted by Stefanmlc View Post
Hi all,

Never address a transgender lady with the words 'shemale' or 'trannie', for a lot of transgender women those are names that are not respectful.

But what about the 'tgirl'? Is that oke, or not?
I'm the last person to suggest an answer to this but just to put things into a slanted perception, what of a popular site or blog where they promote Transgender's under the title 'Shemale's' ? They usually, actually I'm assuming, attract many guys outside the Transgender community. And eventually many of those 'attracted' become enamored with TG's (TS' which I'm still trying to understand the minute differences of). All I can say is, as with any ethnicity, unless you are part of them, you will never truly understand the inner most thoughts and nuances of that group. Maybe what I'm trying to say is, if we outside the 'communities inner circle' Transgender's should try to understand our ignorance and instead of hearing the word(s), listen to the tone of how they are said. All of us may know a foreign language, but it takes someone living it to understand the dialect. Or am I being optimistically stupid? While perusing some past comments/posts I seen a user/member who has signed themself as 'New Believer'. LOL, Wish I thought of that tag. You still with the group NB?

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