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Originally Posted by a9127 View Post
Totally gratuitous post. Sorry… Without a doubt my three biggest “cis” celebrity crushes.

Hayley Williams, Dove Cameron, and yes that’s Miley. From early 2011. Before you “bash” Miley consider that in real life she’s known as a very generous and caring person. She is also well known for supporting LGBT causes and she herself has talked about how her first “relationship” was with another girl. She was about 11 or 12 which is about the same age I was when I met my friend “Stephen/Stephanie.” Interesting. In 2009, Miley’s “Wonder World” tour came to Indianapolis. Several of my younger friends went. I had a chance to go but felt I was “too old” although still in my 20’s. Anyway, somehow they got to meet her. They all told me how sweet she was and I’ve always remembered that whenever I read something bad about her in the media. I’ll take their word over TMZ or Life and Style anytime.

Tomorrow I'll post my three biggest "trans" crushes...
I can see why these women are your celebrity crushes. Miley has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. She can look really beautiful at times, and then there are times where I wonder what was she thinking. I really like her look in this pic you posted and it seems to me she's going with that look for the time being and I hope she sticks with it for awhile.
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