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Originally Posted by Boner View Post
Unfortunately no

It was part of my teenage spank bank but that's long since gone. My parents probably found it. Remember having to hide all those pictures and magazines?

That sort of brings me back to a question I asked a while ago. If you had told me the teenage me I'd be crazy for girls with something extra I don't think I'd believe it. I mean it's a long way from Kathy Ireland to Ariel Everitts, right Iowwaguy?

I'm just curious how we came to like what we do because we didn't start out that way. Andy's experience is different I think due to his relationship with in his formative years. But what about the rest of us?

I won't bore anyone with my experiences as they're pretty well documented in this and other threads. I will say that the biggest thing for me was admitting to myself that I'm more turned on by a penis than a vagina. Other than that, it's femininity that turns me on. It's an odd combination.
It certainly is a long ways. I would have never thought in my teenage years that I'd be turned on by the things I am now. All it took was seeing a few pictures and my entire perspective changed. And I'll have to agree with you, I too am more turned on by a penis and feminity.
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