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Originally Posted by Dhobi View Post
I so much admire and respect you. You know who you are, are happy with that knowledge and shrug off all the crap put your way by the small minded people of this world - even in these 'enlightened' times there are still so many bigots out there.
I would be proud to take you anywhere that you wanted to go - you on my arm and the look on my face that says "This is my lady". Not because you are drop dead gorgeous - you may be but I have not seen you to know - but because you are you.
Only two problems -
1) I am in the UK.
2) I am just over the top age (70) that you quote.
But, I hope you find someone that appreciates you, who deserves you. Stay true to yourself.
Thank you so much Dhobi. Age really don't matter much. I have seen people in their 70s way more active than some in their 30s. But life experiences goes a really long way with me. I really don't like some of the games that some guys play with us. Oh yeah, they know. They may like when drunk or just may like us in private but in public and with their friends is a different story.

Men like you are priceless and I would be proud to hang on to your arm and let you lead me wherever you want to go. I am way more like the pinup type girl instead of the supermodel type girl. I like romance, I like having a door opened for me and I like having a chair pulled out for me. So I am way more Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe than Kate Moss or Milla Jevovich.

As a matter of fact my greatest love was 35 when I was 19. He would be your age now. I fucked up and got scared. I mean when you are 19 and stupid and really want to see the world and someone tells you he loves you then it is a scary deal. I ran when I should have stayed. I won't make that mistake again. I actually ran halfway around the world because I was so scared. He moved on and I did too but...

So don't worry about your age. Crossing the Atlantic may be a problem because I can't swim. But to a lot of my friends and myself too, age doesn't matter much. Especially to girls my age. We really love you guys. Ya'll are really special.
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