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Originally Posted by girish View Post
Will appreciate if you could let me know what is MTF
It is a sort of nicer way to describe tranny and shemale if the she suffers from GID which is Gender Identification Dysphoria.

Just ask away girish because the only stupid question is the one not asked. Some questions we may find amusing but we are definatly not laughing at you or anyone else. I personally find it amusing that society is so in the dark about us. Thank gawd for the porn industry that pretty much elevates us to the same level as cis women. Certain jobs I can do because I am Trans. Some won't hire me but I can play music and own a business. If I was younger I maybe would consider porn or escorting even. Well I was at least an American Bargirl in Seoul Korea in the early nineties on weekends. Korean men went wild for blonde hair and green eyes. I was skinny back then and had a hell of a pair of legs. My boobs were on par with the size of natural Korean boobs. But it was a trans club so it wasn't like there were any surprises. My job was selling and serving drinks while trying to look sexy as hell so the guys would buy more and mine too and whatever else after the club closed was all in my purse. I am not saying I did or didn't on the side. OK so I did. But I was extremely picky though.

Another little word of advice is that we love when female pronouns are used when it pertains to us. We are not he's. And OMG I hate when people call a trans woman or trans man an "It". I mean we are women and you treat us as women then you will melt our hearts and OMG you will be well rewarded. Rewarded if you actually like femininity in your romantic partner.
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