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Default Naybe, jsut maybe.

Originally Posted by franalexes View Post
Why am I feeling "fuzzy" all over? ???
Maybe you need to shave????

Maybe because we are the best lovers that anyone could ever have when it comes to femininity.

I mean it is OK to be Lesbians especially Lipstick Lesbians. So why not Lipstick Transbians? I mean we are beautiful and feminine to the point that most cis women can't even compare with.

I mean I love my femininity and cherish it to the point that I am way more feminine than a lot of cis women. I love that in a partner either or. Fully Masculine of Fully Feminine.

I mean seriously I want my partner to fully embrace his masculinity or her femininity. Anything in between then I am really not attracted too unless I get to know them and am attracted to them after. But what first attracts me is full feminine or full masculine.
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