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Default Anyone Want to Date an Older MTF?

Yes I am older but look more like I am in my 30's instead of 40's but 40 is the new 30 so 30 would be the new 20.

I know this isn't a dating sight but this is a sight where the guys want to know about trans women. This is a sight where men are drawn to trans women and trans girls. Well I am not a trans girl but a pretty well experienced trans woman.

I am open to any age from 70 less. From 30 plus. I am not ugly and will send pics privately after I get to know you. I have been burned by pics before on the net. So please respect that I am so apprehensive on pics.I want to feel secure and safe when with you. I want to feel like a woman when with you because I am not a man. I can't be and never have been. I did get bullied in school and so on. Yeah where I come from being gay was a bad thing but not for me. Trans was unheard of and way too taboo when a supposed guy wears girls' and women's clothes was a curse. But I grew up playing with dolls instead of cars and so on.

I didn't go to prom but rather our band played prom but I did get to wear sexy clothes, high heels and makeup with big teased bleach blonde hair. It sux because I didn't wear a prom dress though. Especially with all the memories that involved. But I was the blondest and prettiest there even with a Les Paul dragging me down. OMG they are sooooo heavy for someone so skinny and little at the time at least. This was the eighties so Motley Crue, Poison and other bands that looked like girls could rock some shit.

So any man that wants to meet an older Trans woman that is really girly and feminine close to NOLA then please PM me. Looks do not matter but masculinity does unless you are another trans woman then I can totally be a transbian. I can totally be a transbian with another "lipstick" and feminine. Cis women with a vagina? Not so much unless they are butch lesbians or trans men. I do not want to be the man.
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