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It has taken what seems an eternity, but here is the final installment of the story ?

The evening is a whirlwind of activity. Keliana and I enjoy dinner at a nice restaurant, where everyone seems to know her. She introduces me by name and as her ?lover.? Many patrons act as if they know of me. She explains, ?There has been a lot of interest in our story.? I wonder what she means.

Over dinner, Keliana asks me to tell her the saga of my Europe trip. As I begin in Germany, she suddenly stops me and asks me to start back home, when I bought the first magazine. She revels in my obvious arousal as I recount the tale, and reaches under the table to stroke my cock through my pants. As I weave my way through my exploits, such as they were, D?sir?e suddenly arrives at our table. She and Keliana kiss, and then gives me a peck on the check and takes a seat.

?Everything is arranged,? she says. ??tienne has secured a location, and he arrives tonight.? Keliana nods and, with a giggle, D?sir?e runs out of the restaurant.

?What?s arranged?? I ask.

?Finish your story. I want to hear about France.?

?But you were there,? I remind her. ?I should ask you.?

?Finish,? she says. ?Please.?

I do.

* *

After dinner, on our walk back to her flat, Everyone we pass seems to know Keliana. I feel men staring at me with envy. Finally, we arrive back at her flat. ?Let?s have a drink,? says Keliana. ?I have something special I?d like to share with you.? She opens a cabinet and takes a tall wooden box from a shelf. It contains a whiskey bottle, from which she pours us each a glass. ?This is Midleton, Ireland?s finest -- very expensive, and I drink it only on special occasions. I want you to taste it and kiss me.?

The whiskey is smooth and delicious. Keliana grabs her glass and the bottle, and tells me to follow her. We enter her bedroom.

?Are you going to tell me what ?tienne?s arranged?? I ask again.

?Is that what you want to do?? she asks, somewhat mockingly. ?You want me to explain tomorrow?s plans? Or do you want to kiss some more?? With that, she takes another sip of the whiskey and thrusts her tongue into my mouth. It is, indeed, smooth and delicious.

Keliana begins to undo my shirt and pants. When I?m down to my underwear, she gently pushes me to sit on the bed. She begins a slow striptease, until she reveals the beautiful lingerie beneath her clothes. She looks exquisite. I find myself trying to control the growing pressure of my cock, which wants to burst. Sensing this, Keliana kisses me again and whispers in my ear. ?We have all night.?

I relax and sit. Keliana tells me to finish undressing. My cock sticks straight up as I sit on the bed?s edge. She comes to me, turns around, and begins to rub her behind up and down on my cock. A small stain of wetness forms on her panties from my pre-cum.

?Do you like my outfit?? she asks. ?I bought it just for you.? It is a matching bra and thong, with knee-high stockings and high heels. All I can do is mutter a sound of content, like a purring cat.

?I really like it,? she continues. ?The material feels so good against my skin. Here, touch it.? She takes my hand and puts it between her legs, where I feel her cock hardening.

?Touch it. It?s yours.?

I stroke her through her panties. She is leaking, too.

?I should take this off,? she says. She dances away from me, and hooks her thumbs to the sides of the thong. Bending over slowly, she pulls it down to reveal her back pussy. My cock spurts a tiny bit more pre-cum, which cascades down the shaft. Keliana turns back to me and gently rubs the pre-cum up and down my cock. Then she tastes it, goes back for more, and gives me a taste. I lick her fingers and then she kisses me.

?I know everything that happened in Germany and France,? she says. ?I know all those girls you met. They gave me full reports. And have a confession to make. Every time I got a new report, I masturbated, thinking of you coming to find me.?

I begin to stroke my cock, and Keliana goes across the room and sits in a chair. ?It?s true. I?d be going over a contract for a new photoshoot, for instance, and I would sit at my desk just like this. I would put my feet on the arms of the chair, lay back, and begin to touch myself, imagining it was you.?

Keliana takes her beautiful girl cock out to demonstrate. She caresses it and it glistens from the moisture escaping from the tip. I watch for a moment until I can no longer control myself, and nearly jump across the room to take her cock in my mouth.

?Ooooooh,? she moans, ?Yes!? Almost instantly, Keliana cums, shooting wave after wave of hot, scrumptious juice into every part of my mouth. As the last bit begins to spurt from her, I take her out of my mouth so she can cum on my lips. Then I kiss her. We move to the bed and collapse in each other?s arms.

?I promise you can cum, too, darling,? Keliana whispers to me. ?But there?s something I want to do first. I?ll be right back.? She leaves the room. When she returns, her beautiful body hidden in a robe, she begins to tell me about ?tienne?s ?arrangements.? It turns out I have been ?groomed? to be her new ?co-star? -- the word she uses -- in photoshoots. She has signed an exclusive contract with ?tienne as her photographer and soon-to-be videographer. The Japanese cartel has been defeated, and ?tienne has hired finest costumers, secondary ?players? (such an odd word choice, I think), and lighting specialists.

?We are going to build an empire of eroticism,? Keliana squeals in delight. ?You and me, together.?

?But I have to go back to school,? I say, instantly regretting having said it.

?You don?t want to be with me?? Keliana says, pouting. ?You can go to school here. We will work around your schedule. I have professors who owe me favors.? She winks.

I don?t know what to say. I want to be with her. What am I getting into?

?You don?t have to answer now,? she says. ?I know you?ll make the right choice.? Taking my hand, she leads me to the bathroom. The tub has been running. ?Get in. I want to wash and prepare you.?

I slip into the tub and Keliana sensually washes me, and then pulls out a razor. ?I?m going to make you smooth as silk, so that when we make love we can feel each other even more closely. Is that okay??

I nod yes, ready to have a recent dream come true. She shaves me carefully, removing all the hair on my body except on the top of my head. When I get out of the tub, Keliana spends an hour back in her bedroom rubbing me with lotion. By the time she?s finished, the initial pain of being shaved is gone. I feel incredible.

Keliana again sits in the chair. ?Now I want you to fuck me,? she says. ?But I want you to make love with me, too. That is going to be the special thing in our erotic empire.?

I stand in front of her, between her legs. I lean down and kiss her shoulders and arms and work my way across her chest, taking each of her nipples in my mouth and sucking them gently. Her cock is fully erect. I work my way down her chest and take her cock in my mouth again. I suck, and then kiss and lick the shaft. It grows harder.

?I love that,? she says, and begins to stroke me. We kiss again, and I pick her up and bring her to the bed. I put her down on her back, but she rolls over.

?I can?t wait any longer,? she moans, ?I want to feel you in me, all smooth like me.?

I rub my cock up and down in her crack, and she suddenly reaches back and puts the head of my cock right against her hole. Bucking backwards, she forces me into her and begins to move.

?My god, Keliana,? I say, ?I do want to be with you. Let?s build our empire together.? This sends her into a frenzy. She pounds back against me, and I feel myself getting close to cumming. Suddenly, she stops.

?I want to see you,? she says. She pushes me down on my back and climbs on top of me, slowly mounting my cock and falling down onto it until she is sitting with me deep inside of her ass. Her own cock is sticking straight out on my chest, dripping.

?You feel so good,? she says, smiling and kissing me. She works her way up and down.

?I?ve wanted you so much,? I say, getting closer.

?Yes,? she says, slamming herself down on me.

?This is what we did yesterday,? I say, as I feel even closer to cumming.

?No, my darling, it?s different. You?re not the same person. You?ve made your decision. When we cum together, it will be even more special. ? Are you ready??

I don?t answer. I begin to pump my cum into Keliana. She is so hot, so tight. Her cock explodes, too.

* *

The next afternoon, a limousine arrives to take us to a photoshoot. ?tienne is there and welcomes me warmly. D?sir?e is there, too. She acts jealous, so I remind her how very special she is to me. She reminds me that I will be fucking her on a regular basis.

?tienne declares the shoot a great success and announces that the first pictures will be published soon. Keliana and I go back to her flat.

* *

Over the next several days, I make arrangements to attend a university in London. When I tell my family, I reveal what?s really up to my sister. She asks me something uncomfortable about coming over to visit and be in a shoot.

Five days after our first shoot, Keliana arrives home from the store and comes bouncing into the flat with a magazine. I?m sitting on the couch. She laughs and throws it in my lap.

I look at ?Transsexual Party Sluts.? ?tienne sold some of our photos to the magazine while he makes final arrangements for our own publication. Keliana is sucking my dick, right on the cover. Yes, that?s me. Do you like how my shaved legs look? Believe me, when she sits on my cock and I feel her smooth, round ass on my shaven lap, it is like going to heaven.

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