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the story, continued ?

D?sir?e and I wake up with a start. There is a lot of noise outside in the hallway and outside in the courtyard. She jumps out of bed and puts on a sheer, lilac-colored robe. I can see every inch of her beauty through the material, and her body seems to be beckoning me. ?Come here and let me suck that beautiful cock, baby,? I say, reaching out to grab her. But she shrugs me off.

?Perhaps there is news of Keliana,? she says, and scurries out.

I get up and quickly throw on some pants and a shirt. Walking barefoot down the hall and out into the courtyard, I come upon a hubbub of activity. Zeva and some of her policewomen are huddled together, and they seem to be arguing with another group that includes ?tienne and D?sir?e and several of the girls I?ve seen and been with in the past few days. D?sir?e, seeing me, beckons me to her group.

?What?s going on?? I ask.

She explains that one of Zeva?s operatives rescued Keliana overnight, in Marseilles, where some of Suetsugu?s men were about to take her away on a boat. Suetsugu, it seems, is being held here at ?tienne?s, and the argument is over what to do with him. It is a ferocious argument, all in French.

D?sir?e gives me the highlights. Zeva wants to cut out Suetsugu?s tongue and chop off his dick and send it to the head of the magazine syndicate in Paris with which he?s in cahoots. Some of the other policewomen want to kill him and dump him in the Seine. ?tienne?s assistant suggests that he should be held for ransom, which should be the syndicate?s complete business and all of Suetsugu?s business back in Japan.

Just as the yelling and arguing becomes so loud that it seems the building will collapse, ?tienne puts up his hand to silence the throng. Then he speaks, and D?sir?e translates for me.

?This,? he says, ?must ultimately be Keliana?s decision.?

?But it is your work he has gone after,? argues Zeva.

?My work,? says ?tienne, ?is nothing without Keliana.?

That seems to settle it. The din subsides, and Zeva announces that she will take Suetsugu to another secure location to await the verdict. ?tienne reminds her not to harm him.?

?Can we fuck him until he bleeds from all his holes?? she asks, mockingly, in English, and winks at me.

?tienne nods his head and speaks quietly. ?Who am I to deny girls their fun??

* * *

It turns out that it is now up to me obtain Keliana?s verdict. This is decided at a small meeting of Zeva, D?sir?e, ?tienne, and a few others, at which I learn that Keliana is flying from Marseilles back to London to avoid any problems here in Paris.

?I suppose it is time,? says ?tienne, turning to me. ?Your destiny awaits in London. You will be our messenger.?

Arrangements are made for me to take a flight in the evening. This gives me several hours of time just to wait. D?sir?e asks me to spend it with her.

?We may never see each other again,? she says. ?I know you are for Keliana. Please let me show you how I feel.?

?tienne comes over and assures me there will be no cameras, and I agree to meet D?sir?e in 10 minutes in my room.

At the appointed time, there is a knock at the door. ?Come in,? I say, but no one enters. So I go to the door and open it. D?sir?e stands there in a long, sheer white robe. Underneath I can see black lingerie. Her bulge is instantly noticeable.

?Are you glad to see me?? she asks, and kisses me on the cheek. When I don?t answer immediately, she seems to pout. That only makes her more desirable. I nod my head yes. She pushes past me into my room and turns around, letting her sheer robe drop to the floor. I grab her and hold her, and our lips lock in a deep, passionate kiss. D?sir?e begins to grind herself against me, and I can feel her hard cock through the lingerie. My own cock feels as if it will bust out of my pants.

She moves back and slowly runs her hand down my chest, unbuttoning my shirt and then running her hand across the bare skin of my stomach. As she goes lower, she rests her hand gently on my cock, straining for release from my clothes. ?This is for me?? she asks.

?Yes,? I say.

?For me only?? she asks.

When I don?t answer, she revises her question.

?For me only, right now??

I nod affirmatively. She tells me to go into the bathroom and take a shower, quickly, and come back to her. Burning with desire, I turn and go do as I am told.

When I return, with only a towel wrapped around my torso, the room is dark except for the soft glow of some candles D?sir?e has lit. Somehow, although it is afternoon, she has managed to create the illusion of nighttime. And there she is, in her sexy lingerie, sitting on the bed. Her red hair glistens in the candlelight.

?I want you to make love to me,? she purrs. ?I want to feel just like a woman with you.?

?You are all woman,? I say, as I take her in my arms gently lay her down. ?I want you.?

With that, she smiles, turns over, and spreads her legs. I bury myself in the crack of her behind, and my tongue finds its way into her asspussy. It is soft and sweet, and she begins to grind slowly back against my tongue, which makes it go deeper into her hole. I reach a nipple with one hand and use the other to stroker her growing cock-clitty, which begins to ooze at my touch. I cannot help myself, and taste the first drops of her girl juice.

?Mon dieu,? she whispers, softly, as her cock oozes more and more. ?I want you inside of me, my darling.?

I climb slowly up the length of her body and kiss her gently. ?I want to be inside of you, my darling,? I say, and with that I turn her over so she is facing me. She spreads her legs again and slide my hard cock right into her hole. She gasps and moans as she locks her legs around me and pulls me deep inside of her asspussy.

A very long time goes by. It seems to me that we have been fucking -- no, making love -- for a good hour, during which time D?sir?e cums three times: twice in her asspussy and once right from her girl cock, shooting all over my chest with my cock thrusting into her. The entire rest of the time, we are either kissing or looking deep into each other?s eyes. I realize that were it not for Keliana, I would be with D?sir?e forever. And then I feel selfish for thinking that while my cock is in D?sir?e, and I try to perish the thought.

As if sensing that I have drifted elsewhere, D?sir?e suddenly tightens her muscles and seems to pull my cock deeper into her than ever before. I feel as if I must be splitting her insides, but she only moans with pleasure and kisses me passionately, and sloppily. I can barely move my cock in and out of her, instead relying on the contracting of her asspussy to do the fucking.

?Will you fill me completely, darling?? D?sir?e asks. ?I want every drop of you inside of me.?

With that, she contracts her muscles once more and then seems to push me partially out of her. Taking a deep breath, she pulls me in again. She repeats this process quickly, a few times over a half a minute or so. And then I begin to cum, seemingly without warning. I don?t even cum in waves, but in one steady stream that seems to go on for a full minute. There is so much cum spewing from my cock that I can feel it not so much oozing out around the sides of me, embedded in D?sir?e, as actually spraying out the sides. She is moaning and grunting like an animal. ?More, more, more!? she cries, and I continue to fill her.

At the moment my cock stops spurting, D?sir?e quickly pushes me out of her, flips around, and plants her mouth on my rock hardness. As she sucks and I begin to cum again, she puts her hole right over my mouth and shoots a huge stream of my own jizz right down my throat. I cum in her mouth the same way I came in her asspussy.

When it is all over, she kisses me and we drink the cum from our mouths. It covers our tongues and our lips. It drips out onto my neck and her lovely tits.

And then we fall asleep.

* *

A while later, we awake. ?tienne and Zeva are standing over the bed.

?It is time to get ready for your flight,? says ?tienne. ?Zeva will accompany you to the airport.?

* *

At the airport, Zeva hands me a small package.

?Open it,? she says.

I look inside and there is a new issue of ?CUMM International.? Keliana is on the cover, but Zeva assures me that I will also find D?sir?e inside.

?She wants you to fuck her up against the wall, also,? says Zeva, a reference to the text on the cover. ?You are lucky. Two girls like that ?? Her voice trails off as my flight is called. I hug her goodbye and head down the jetway to the plane.

to be continued ...
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