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the story, continued ?

We return to ?tienne?s house, and Zeva wakes up with a start. ?I must get ready for work,? she announces, jumping from the car and rushing in. I guess she means her policewoman job.

?tienne and I enter, and his assistant announces that there is a visitor. She begins to speak French, but in deference to me switches to English. ?A Mr. Masao Suetsugu is waiting for you in the parlor room,? she says, reading from a business card. ?He seems quite anxious to see you.?

?Ah, Suetsugu,? says ?tienne. ?I have been expecting him to make an appearance. We have some business to discuss.? He invites me to join him.

We walk down the hall, or rather I should say that ?tienne walks down the hall while I hobble a bit. My ass is a bit sore from the pounding from Zeva, but it is a nice kind of sore. ?tienne notices, and says, ?The best cure for that is to get fucked again, and soon.? Then he winks at me.

We enter the parlor room, and a Japanese man, dressed in a business suit, jumps up from a chair, bows, and holds out his hand. He speaks French to ?tienne, looks at me, and speaks again. ?tienne says, in English, ?This is one of my subjects. We have nothing to hide from him. In fact, it may be appropriate for him to join us in our meeting. And let us speak so he can understand.?

Mr. Suetsugu explains that he has come as the representative of a consortium of magazine publishers in Tokyo who wish to publish some of ?tienne?s photo shoots with Japanese translations. ?tienne listens closely, and then asks about the financial arrangements. Mr. Suetsugu says, ?I am certain you will be very happy with your compensation.?

?tienne smiles and excuses himself for a moment, leaving the room. Mr. Suetsugu and I sit there silently, until he asks me a question. ?You are a ?subject?? Does that mean that you appear in photographs??

I hesitate, and then say, ?Yes, I work with ?tienne?s models.?

?Why have I not seen your work?? he asks.

?My shoots are very recent,? I answer. ?They have not yet appeared in print.?

?And with whom have you appeared?? he asks.

?I have done two shoots with D?sir?e and one today with Zeva.?

He shakes his head. ?I do not know these models.?

Just then, ?tienne enters the room. He walks over to where Mr. Suetsugu is sitting and throws a magazine down on the table in front of him. ?Perhaps not,? he says, with a shout. ?But apparently you know one of my models.?

The magazine is called ?Sweet CDBaby.? Most of the cover is in Japanese, and it is very modern-looking. Keliana sits naked in a bathtub.

Mr. Suetsugu looks at the magazine briefly and then looks away. ?tienne picks up ?Sweet CDBaby? and brings it across the room to me. ?Here. This is for you.?

As I pick up the magazine and begin to flip through, finding beautiful pictures of Keliana bathing and anointing her exquisite body with baby oil, ?tienne tells Mr. Suetsugu that any agreement to allow publication of his photo shoots in Japan will begin with a substantial payment for having stolen the photos of Keliana in the tub. ?I took those earlier this year,? he barks, ?and the film disappeared from my studio. How do you explain that?!?

Mr. Suetsugu stutters and stammers, but eventually explains that the film was purchased from the Paris magazine distribution ring that Zeva has been following.

?Were you aware that they were stolen?!? ?tienne demands to know.

?Yes,? Mr. Suetsugu admits. ?But you must understand. Once we saw Keliana, we decided that we had to have her for our Japanese market. We will pay any price, and we are willing to accept some punishment for our misdeed. But we must have her. She is the most magnificent woman we have ever seen.?

?I do not negotiate with rogues and thieves. I think I will let one of my associates handle this.? ?tienne again leaves for a moment. When he returns, he announces that he has summoned Zeva. ?She is a policewoman, and she knows exactly how to deal with people like you.?

He advises Mr. Suetsugu to make himself comfortable until Zeva arrives, and summons me out of the room, locking the Japanese businessman in. ?As for you,? he says, ?I think you should take my advice. Go to your room. I have a surprise for you.?

I take my new Keliana magazine and make my way through the labyrinthine house to my room. I forget which advice ?tienne means, but as soon as I open the rood I remember. There are two girls waiting for me, dressed in black lingerie. One has black hair, and the other is a blonde. Both have huge cocks, fully erect. The sight of them has two effect on me: my own cock suddenly becomes hard, and my ass begins to tingle and even pulsate a little bit.

One of the girls comes right up to me, puts her tongue in my ear, and says something in French. ?I don?t understand,? I say, as she grabs my cock right through my pants, and squeezes tight. The other girl comes over and rubs her hand on my ass.

The two girls drag me to the bed and throw me down, pulling off my shirt and pants quickly. ?We do you quick,? says the black-haired girl. ??tienne says break you in more.? So, she does speak some English.

With me fully unclothed, the blonde begins to stroke my cock. Then she climbs around on the bed until she?s right over me, and she pushes her own cock right into my mouth and begins to fuck me with it. Yes, fuck me. I lie still and she uses my mouth like a pussy, plunging it in and taking it out. It tastes absolutely wonderful.

Meanwhile, the black-haired girl positions herself between my legs, pushes my legs in the air, and sticks a finger right into my hole. Twisting it around a bit, she then takes it out and gives it to the blonde to suck on. While I try to watch this -- my face is absolutely full of the blonde?s cock -- I feel the head of a cock rub against my hole, and feel a bit of some wetness. Suddenly, without warning, I feel the entire length and girth of a girl cock inside of me. It makes Zeva?s feel small.

I look down as best I can with the blonde?s cock in my mouth and see this incredible sight: the black-haired girl plowing my ass, her huge girl cock having been released from her sheer black panties, and her beautiful tits swaying back and forth with her bra pulled down below them. Her nipples are poking straight out.

I am in girl cock heaven! My mouth is full of one cock, and my ass is full of another. The blonde pumps her delicious dick down my throat while the black-haired girl pounds me harder and harder. ?tienne was right: the more she fucks my ass, the better it feels. Whatever pain -- admittedly, pleasurable pain -- had been there before is now completely gone. I am a complete cock slut, ready for whatever Keliana has in store for me when I find her.

The black-haired girl begins to pant and moan, and the blonde says something to her in French. The black-haired girls nods her head. They both continue to work their cocks in and out of my two holes, until the blond suddenly speaks: ?Un, deux, trois.?

I know that much French. On three, the two girls begin to cum. My mouth fills up with a massive load of hot jizz, sweet and delicious. The blonde cums so much that I cannot keep up with it, and while I try to swallow some of her cum spills out of my mouth and runs down my chin. Meanwhile, the black-haired girl is pumping her own girl juice into my ass, filling me so much that when she finally pulls her cock out my ass spews her cum all over the bed. As this happens, she gently pushes the blonde out of the way and sticks her sticky member into my mouth. ?Clean!? she says, in English. I lick the rest of the cum off of her, tasting my own ass.

The three of us collapse on the bed, and I drift off to sleep, exhausted from so much sex. When I awake a little while later, the girls are gone. My newest Keliana magazine, the one from Japan, lies on the bed beside me. I pick it up and stare intently at the picture on the cover.

?Is this really all for you?? I ask the photograph. ?Will I really find you??

I swear a hear a voice in the room tell me that I will.

to be continued ...
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