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I think it all started here years ago. I looked at pictures of castradet shemales, clean skin, beautiful breasts and between legs Dick.
Empty bag below, either hanging leather, or tight smooth and tight as there would never be anything. I imagined how I would look without the nuts.

At the same time I was on the site bodymod and saw photos of the modified penis. I liked what it looked like meatomy or subincision,
and I liked it myself. I started to slowly open the urethra with litle cuts.
And in a year and a half I had an over inch subicision. I liked how it looked and felt.

I have never liked the pubic hair, I was probably about twenty before my pubic hairs were growing. I've had most of my life have been shaved. After about five years of my subincision,
I decided that I will never be a decent hair. I started using wax strips and epilator. In the beginning it was quite painful, but it is getting easier, the hair grows less and slower.

It took a while for five years and I wanted to continue my subincision. My foreskin was able to cover the incision when the cock was soft,
now I wanted to see how far it would be possible. So I continued cutting, the goal stood halfside arm and no longer matter if it should be open all the time.
It took another one and a half years. The problem was that the incision grew quickly back. But it succeeded, the bow was cracked below, over 2 1/2 inches it seemed to be a lot.

Bodymod sites increased the number of pictures and the writing about castratio, or it started to interest me more.
I noticed I wanted my testicles out.
It was no longer so easy. I did not thinking to cut the bag myself open and take the balls into the jar. At the same time as I got my subincision finished,
I got an answer from the cutter who was ready to do it and still at a reasonable price. It changed everything, I was able to become eunuch.
I'm looking at the year, all about castration and different options. I found out I wanted it, I really wanted. After this year, I decided, I'll do it, my balls can going to go.

The cutter would have been the best option, but it is a little risk, can not know for sure safe. Another thing to explain to a wife or doctor when I go to ask for treatment of testosterone.
My solution was to kill the testicles with alcohol injections and after they died to get them removed in the hospital. Half a year and 11 injections,
and the balls were very hard, and a little touch-sensitive. Urolig suspected cancer of the testicle. The right was removed. A few months later, the left inflamed and was also removed.
There do not find a cancer. It was not an easy road, a lot of pain and even despair.

Now that I look at myself between the legs or the mirror I just see what I wanted. The same thing I see here in the pictures. I spread every morning testogel to the skin,
I have hairy breasts, maybe slightly grown. I can get an erection and cum, but I'm eunuch. I think I can litle understand what these beautiful shemals think when considering castration.
They have a lot more on the game than I do. I like all the time more, the fact that I made a decision to be eunuch.

I've never met shemale, I'm getting the courage to do it. I would be ready for sex with a shemale, caressing her body and feeling proud caressing my skin.
I would be willing to go that.
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