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Originally Posted by hankhavelock View Post
Let me cast a little light on this subject that is actually NOT just a masturbation fantasy but, indeed, very real to some transsexual women.

It's no surprise to most that many transsexuals go into hormone-therapy. Such a therapy can consist of two types of hormones: Female hormones (to boost female characteristics) and anti-male hormones (to minimize effects of the natural production of male hormones).

The production of male hormones are directly connected to the testicles - in other words, castration (removal of the testicles) will radically reduce productions of male hormones.

I actually have a good transsexual friend who is considering castration - she does not wish to do full SRS (sexual reassignment surgery) but she feels that castration may make the effect of the female hormones better.

Obviously, such decisions are made together with a doctor and there are numerous side effects - loss of libido and ability to get sexually aroused is just one of them. But even the use of hormones alone can have these effects too - often does. Most transsexuals on hormones actually DO have reduced libido and sperm-production. So when you hear about this GORGEOUS Thai ladyboy who's been on hormones since the age of 11 and still shoots HUGE loads of cum, take it with a grain of salt as that is highly unlikely.

Being a transsexual is more often than not a matter of gender-identification. It has as such little to do with sexual orientation (even though a majority are sexually attracted to men) and it is rarely a "fetish" (then we're talking about transvestites). Quite a few transsexuals are not at all these "hard-cocked sex-maniacs" that we all like to dream about. Some are, of course, but hardly the majority.

They are human beings with a different gender-identity than the majority - that's all. And unless we talk about the transsexual and cross dressing girls making a living from our sexual attraction to them they are most likely TIRED of being regarded as mere objects of this sexual attraction.

They are GIRLS and like most other girls they dream of a sane and normal relationship with a man that truly loves them for every thing they are... and that's the bareback truth!


VERY Well said Hank!

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