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Default Visiting Bangkok

Travelling to Bangkok.

If youíre thinking about visiting Bangkok to play with the girlsÖ.er Ö.ladyboys, there are a couple of issues you should consider.

Firstly try to avoid religious holidays. The Thai government bans the sale of alcohol if the holiday is a budda day. Last week we had three days where no alcohol could be purchased. Most of the clubs were empty, and several closed completely. Google Thai public holiday before you book you flights to ensure you avoid any alcohol bans.

Iíve seen too many people in tears because their passports or money has been stolen. You donít need to carry your passport with you. A photocopy of the face page is sufficient. Leave your passport and your money in the hotel room safe. Bth3000 (roughly $100) is more than sufficient for day to day spending. If you are unfortunate to have a wallet or purse stolen, then all is not lost, you can easily get another photocopy of your passport and you still have you cash in the safe.

Remember July, Aug and Sept is the rainy season. Generally thunder clouds will develop in the afternoons and its pouring cats and dogs by four or five oíclock. The only good thing is, this is the low season, some hotels are half price at the moment.

Donít use tuck-tuckís. Most of the robberies are from these vehicles. Use Taxiís, they are air-conditioned, and actually cheaper than the Tuck-tuck.

This probably wonít apply to most of the readers of this forum. But if you thinking of visiting Bangkok, and you have a small child that needs a stroller. Donít bring the stroller. Bangkok sidewalks are not stroller friendly, they are uneven, have numerous obstacles blocking the pathway (old phone booths, fire hydrants, stairs to overhead walkways, street vendors, etc). Iíve seen the following scene several times. Mom walking along carrying her child, and Dad walking behind, carrying the folded stroller, and remember the average temperature in Bangkok is 35DegC (95 F) every day, with 80%humidity. Good luck carrying a child through the crowded streets in sweltering heat.

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