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Default How Do I Convince My Wife

My wife does not know this and i do not know how to tell her and convince her but I would love to have a threesome with a ladyboy. I have a couple fantasy I would really like to do.

1. I am fucking my wife and watching my wife suck a ladyboys nice hard cock or watching a ladyboy fuck my wife while she is sucking my cock.

2. I am fucking a ladyboy and she is fucking my wife or my wife is sucking her cock.

3. I fuck my wifes pussy and a ladyboy fuck her ass or I fuck her ass while you fuck her pussy (with this one i would like to have another ladyboy there to put her cock into my wifes mouth)

4. Have 4 ladyboys and have one fuck my ass while my cock is in my wifes ass and another ladyboy fucking my wifes pussy and then i would like to suck a ladyboys cock and have my wife suck the 4th ladyboys cock

In all these I would like both of us to cum on my wifes face.

If you have any idea on how to get my wife involved i would be grateful. If you do not know how to get her involved then I would just like to know how to convice her to let me fuck a one or 2 ladyboys while she watches.
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