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While Ila was showering, Tattooed guy watched me as I sat on the bed, soon joined by the woman and burly guy. There is some talk between them about how to send the ransom demand to my dad, how much it should be and what to do in the meantime. The woman though seems to be quite interested in Ila, mentioning that they should keep him after the ransom is paid and make him their fuck toy. In fact, it looks like she knows I can hear her and makes sure I am aware of that part.

Burly guy and Tattoos on the other hand have a slightly different idea. "I say we keep Princess after the ransom comes in." Tattoos says to the boss lady, "A piece of ass like that is hard to find. Besides, if we let her go, she'll run to the police."

"Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too." Burly guy says, "We don't release her or her boyfriend. Then we can fuck them all day."

At that point, Ila and Shorty return. I embrace Ila while the kidnappers continue their conversation, this time with Shorty joining in. The subject returns briefly to the ransom amount, which the woman suggests should be a million dollars; the more they want from dad, the longer it will take to deliver it. Next, they decide on their guarding duties, with Burly guy assigning Tattoos as the first one to guard the room we are in.

When we are left alone in the room and the door is locked, I whisper to Ila about everything I have heard. "They won't let us go after getting the money." I tell him, "We have to get out of here, but I don't see a way out." I am as puzzled as Ila is about the kidnappers not tying us up, thinking that maybe they are letting their guard down. No, that is what they want us to think.

Unless they really are relaxing themselves after a long fucking session, and forgot the extra precautions to stop us from escaping. I whisper, "The rest of them are either sitting in the living room, near the front door, or they are sleeping. On my way to the showers, I saw some closed doors along the hallway. If those are bedrooms, maybe the others are sleeping inside. If we can knock tattooed guy out, we can leave through the front door."

But then, I tell Ila, "That's if the others are in those rooms, and not sitting in the living room."
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