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I am about to reply to the woman, ready to shout to her that Ila is mine, but the sharp pain of the belt against my bare butt makes me yelp again. It hurts, of course, just not so much that it feels like torture. I can imagine my buttcheeks jiggling from each strike, gradually turning redder, more sensitive when touched. Burly guy is going easy on me as ordered by his boss.

And then he plants his lips on my tender ass. His kisses land on the very same spots he had struck with the belt, and I tug at the ropes in response. Apparently aroused by my helpless struggles, Tattooed guy is now between my legs sucking my cock. I look down at him and see that he is stroking his own cock at the same time. "Mmmm..." I moan with eyes closed.

Still, I know both Ila and I cannot stay here as their fuck toys forever. I lean as far as the rack allows to look at Ila in the eyes, no easy feat with Shorty between us. I mouth the words, "Help me.", hoping that he sees it and has a plan. Fortunately, it seems the woman, the only kidnapper facing me, is too busy pushing into Ila's hole to notice what I am doing.

Shorty's cock is now fully erect, but not yet on the verge of spewing his load. He follows his boss' movements, letting her thrusts push Ila forward into his cock, then following up by ramming his cock into Ila's mouth to force him back towards the woman.
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