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I frown again, this time at Ila's apparent arousal. He is my date for today, I want to tell the woman, and the sight of someone else making him hard angers me. But after learning that the kidnappers had spied on us while we were fucking in my bedroom, I feel strangely satisfied. Having once held a party in which I was fucked in front of a large assembly of guests, all of whom were strangers, I am actually fine with letting people watch me do it. Even better if they like what they are seeing.

The woman orders Ila, "On your knees. I want to see what you can do with your mouth." The burly man pushes Ila's shoulders downward, forcing him to kneel in front of the woman. She undoes the strings of her sweatpants and slides them down to her ankles.

There, right in front of Ila's face, is a huge cock dangling between the woman's legs. It is not hard yet so she lifts the tip towards his mouth. "Open wide. You will suck it and not stop until I say so." she says with one hand running through Ila's hair.

I am about to protest again but the rack catches my attention. I am not hard at this point, still worried about what the kidnappers will do next, but the rack certainly looks inviting...
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