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I am facing just one man now. Like the others, he is wearing a black T-shirt and matching track pants, with greasy hair sticking out from under his mask that is a darker shade of blond than the woman's. His thick, hairy forearms are covered in tattoos.

I manage to scream one more time before he grabs me, turns me around such that I am now facing Ila and he is behind me, pinning my arms to my sides with his arm wrapped around my body. His left hand is clamped tight over my mouth, reducing my screams to muffled whimpers. "Yeah, that's it. You wanna try screaming again?" he sneers.

The woman walks towards me, tucking away her knife and pulling out a roll of duct tape from another pocket. The tattooed man removes his hand from my mouth and I start pleading, "Please don't hurt me. I'll do anyth-mmmph!" A strip of tape is pressed over my lips. The man holds my hands behind my back and ties some rope around my wrists, followed by my ankles.

"Oh, we won't hurt you. Unless daddy decides not to pay up." the woman says. The tattooed man picks me up over his shoulder and walks to the door, keeping a tight grip on me as I start kicking and wiggling. The woman turns to Ila and the other two men. "Bring them both to the van. Let's get out of here in case the neighbours heard the screaming."
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