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With Ila's hands on my hips, I smile and nod. "Yes, you may unwrap the present yourself." I was about to do so but it will probably be more satisfying for him if he exposes my cock with his own hands, much like a child opening an awesome birthday gift.

My mind drifts away from thoughts of the possibly unlocked door. Just like when I sent the servants away on a vacation to have the whole mansion to myself, what's the worst that can happen? I gaze back into the eyes of Ila, my breathing quickens and all fears are banished.

I look down at the leaky tip of his cock. Before he can begin sliding down my panties, my hands go to work on making him spew more of his juice. With fingers wrapped tightly around his shaft, I give a little squeeze, then start jerking until his cum flows over my hands. Not too much though, I imagine he needs to save some of it for when he gets inside me.
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