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Default Cylons looking human....

Originally Posted by transjen View Post
Yeah i got one what the hell was up with the Cylons looking human? Jennifer
Well T.J.!!....let's see how I can put this in as few words as possible. I will give you the "short version"...very short. I would hate to give too much of the story away in case you decide to watch it on DVD.

The humans created the Cylons(remember, they looked like "toasters"). Eventually the Cylons "rebelled" against the humans and so began the human-cylon war. Eventually an armistice was agreed to and the Cylons and humans "parted ways". Once a year a representative of the humans and a representative of the Cylons were to meet at a specially constructed space station to discuss the treaty, deal with any concerns, etc. For forty years the humans sent someone....the Cylons sent no-one. Until...Tricia Helfer (#6) shows up, looking "spectacular" I might add! She is accompanied by two "bodyguards" who do not look human. Basically, for 40 years the Cylons have been very busy "tweeking" and "improving" their "race" (for lack of a better word). The Cylons have created 12 models that look human (I won't tell you any more than that) of which there are multiply copies of each model. And those "clunky" toasters that were in the old series? They are much improved!! So, there you have it, T.J.! If you love Sci-Fi, then I suggest you rent "The Battlestar Galactica Miniseries". It is the 3 hour debut. When I was writing the part about #6 (Tricia Helfer) arrival on the space station in the paragraph above, it gave me goosebumps!

That is the short form...very short!
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