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princess shawn 09-17-2016 10:29 PM

The Open Cybersex Roleplay Thread.
This is an open roleplay, which means anyone interested can join in. The rules are:

1) You do not take control of another player's character, not even briefly. Non-player characters (NPCs) are fine.
2) Your English is good enough to write legibly.
3) You respect the other player(s)' dos and don'ts.
4) You come here regularly or semi regularly. In other words, you won't make one post and then disappear, leaving the other person waiting. If you have to leave for an extended period, let the other players know.

In your first post, it helps if you include your character's name and a short description of his/her appearance. It does not have to match your real life name and appearance (unless you prefer to do so).

Don't post yet. I'll write the intro.

princess shawn 09-17-2016 10:54 PM

A party is being held in a mansion. What makes this party unusual is that everyone in the city is invited, including complete strangers, to a night of free drinks, dancing and performances on a stage. The only restriction, according to the flyers announcing the event, is that you must be an adult. From there, those interested can figure out what kind of party this will be.

There are quite a few people in attendance; not a lot, as people are generally suspicious about jumping into a party when they don't know who is hosting it and why. The plentiful drinks are enough of a reason for the curious to pay a quick visit. Inside the mansion, tables have been laid out at the sides of the first floor where the food and drinks are. A pair of curved staircases lead up to the second floor, and between them is a stage.

But before anyone can think about simply grabbing a bite and leaving, something else catches everyone's attention. At the side of the stairs is another row of tables loaded with piles of toys, and not the kind for the kids. There are also magazines, photo albums, tissues, ropes and costumes on racks, all free to use during the event.

So far, no sign of the host yet. The night is still young...

princess shawn 09-18-2016 03:03 AM

(You can post now.)

franalexes 09-18-2016 11:31 AM

Entre vous
The main door opens and I enter. My spike heels click on the marble floor. Andy is close by, he turns and drops his glass shattering on the floor as soon as his eyes make contact with me. He starts to speak but only stammers as he tries to find the words. His eyes seem to take in more info than his brain can process. I notice he starts to undress me with his eyes. Should be easy considering how tight and revealing my clothes are. I too notice his bulge throb as his eyes follow down on my body. He touches himself as if to cover and finds a wet spot forming on his pants. I move to pass to the far side of the room and carefully but deliberately slide between him and others so my tits rub hard against him. He will be "up" for fun and games; no problem. :censored:

a9127 09-18-2016 01:33 PM

I am totally shocked to see Fran here. It has been a long time. Too long. The last time we saw each other we had gone for a motorcycle trip out in the country. Discretion says I shouldn’t reveal all the intimate details but suffice to say it was a day I’ll never forget… ;)

She absolutely looks “dressed to kill” and can her sexy party dress be any tighter or shorter? As she walks by me and “accidentally” rubs against me all I can manage is a “Um. Hi. Nice to see you again…” Always the cool one she “pretends” not to notice me. But I have a feeling we’ll be seeing each other again later this evening…

Pollux 09-18-2016 02:02 PM

Fran, I am totally flabbergasted!!
Andy, you MUST act in some way here!!
THIS is your once in a life time chance!!

ila 09-18-2016 06:42 PM

I was out aimlessly wandering the streets when I saw a flyer advertising a party for anyone and everyone. I paid no heed until I saw another flyer and then another and another after that. I thought, ‘what the heck, I have nothing to do so I’ll go.’ I was dressed only in blue jeans, a tshirt, and flip flops, but the flyer didn’t mention anything about dress.

I was supposed to be out on a date with Fran, but she had cancelled early that morning. She told me that if I really wanted to see her that I would know where to find her. I had no idea what she meant, but seeing the party invitation made me decide that I was going to have a good time despite my disappointment.

I arrived at the mansion where the party was being held. It seemed to be in full swing as I could hear the deep, thumping bass from the music all the way out to the property entrance. I quickened my pace now as I wanted to join what sounded like a good time.

As I walked up to the door I saw a sign that said to enter. I shrugged my shoulders and walked into the entrance. Just beyond in a large room I saw a few people mingling so I headed that way.

The first person I saw that I recognized was Andy. We were old friends from way back, although we hadn’t been associating much since both of us were pursuing the same woman. I nodded casually at Andy.

I noticed tables along the side of the room that had food and drink laid out. I walked over, grabbed a small beer, and continued on. For some reason I was drawn towards the stairway.

I was about to head upstairs when I noticed a table with an assortment of toys. I don’t know why, but I picked up a cock ring and a six foot long piece of silk rope.

I had noticed a stage area between the first and second floor. I was intrigued so I was going to check out that first.

franalexes 09-18-2016 07:12 PM

Hi Pollux, Is that your Jaguar outside? Nice wheels. I love the pink leopard seats. So fuzzy and warm; makes a gurl want to sit naked. :blush: You must take me for a ride sometime. Like sometime soon.;)

Ila !!! About time you got here! Get off the internet once in a while, you might find a real life. Yes, I know we had a date but I knew you would be here. A gurl with tits and cock, it's just like a magnet to you. Ya couldn't keep away if you wanted to. Yes, I'm glad you came. :kiss::kiss: Kiss. kiss. OH GET YOUR HAND OUT OF MY CROTCH !

a9127 09-18-2016 08:10 PM

After “ignoring” me, Fran left the room. I assume that she has met up with an old friend or else she has found something more intriguing going on upstairs. Needing a drink to replace the one I dropped, I walk over to the bar and order another vodka martini. I rode my Harley to the party so I am dressed from head to toe in black leather. Including boots. I notice my friend ila has arrived. He is looking good and is dressed casually. We say hello but don’t spend too much time talking, for as he has already mentioned, we are both interested in Fran. As many of my friends at the party know, I am still engaged to “Kirsten” but we had a falling out recently so she has moved back to her apartment at least for the time being. If you have read any of the stories I posted about her you will know she was quite uninhibited and we shared a very active sex life that often included bondage. Wondering what this evening has in store, I can’t help thinking about Fran. She was right, I’m totally “up” for whatever comes (no pun intended) next and I’m sure all the guests at the party can see this too. :lol:

Browsing the tables full of adult toys, almost without thinking, I select a pair of handcuffs…

franalexes 09-18-2016 09:18 PM

Anyone seen Shawn? She said she would be here.
I thought everyone knew I was really a "trans- lesbian". I wanted to meet her. Sexy T-gurls are a genuine find.
Where is the transgender restroom? I gotta go pee.

princess shawn 09-18-2016 10:43 PM

The lights dim and the music changes. As the hostess, my first step into the party should be an eye catching one. I did spend a lot of time trying to decide which costume to wear, specifically for the purpose of causing bulges by showing off my figure. I only wish that my delay did not annoy the guests.

I walk through the curtains at the back wall of the stage, being careful not to bounce too much. I am in a schoolgirl uniform, a rather tight one at that. The pleated blue skirt flapped about just above my knees, short enough to show off the knee high socks. But I am most worried about the buttons on my white shirt, stretched forward and straining to be popped out by my large breasts. No problem, I thought to myself. I will just adopt a more innocent gait. My hair is in double ponytails, something I've only worn for special occasions.

In my hand is a microphone and I address the crowd, "Welcome to my mansion. Thank you all for coming. I am Princess Shawn, your hostess for this evening. Help yourselves to the food, the drinks and the toys." I pause for a reaction. Probably nothing much yet, which is why I will skip any further delays, "I'm sure most of you figured out by now what kind of party this is, and so I won't waste any more of your time. Anyone want to see me perform... a striptease?"

franalexes 09-19-2016 07:00 AM

Striptease? Oh, go ahead. I've teased enough guys without taking my clothes off.
Being the gurl of good taste that I am, there are four guys I must entertain at the bar; Tom Collins, Johnny Walker, Jim Bean and Jack Daniels. Didn't I hear that Jack Daniels has a 7 ?

Pollux 09-19-2016 07:29 AM

"Where is the transgender restroom? I gotta go pee."

But Fran, girls do not "pee" they "tinkle" ;) .

franalexes 09-19-2016 10:08 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I found two girls in the other room having fun. We're headed up to the third floor. Attachment 295864

princess shawn 09-19-2016 11:16 AM

(The striptease thing was actually aimed at someone who PM'd me but hasn't posted here yet. I thought maybe he is lurking and needs a reason to show himself.)

franalexes 09-19-2016 01:46 PM

OH ! So the tease is,"if you show yourself, he will show himself." That's fair I guess.
So, in Craig's List fashion, how many of you guys have something "to show" ?

ila 09-19-2016 04:29 PM

As I made it to the area of the stage I took a look around. There were a few people there, but not so many that I couldn't see everyone. My gaze wandered the area and then I spied Fran. My eyes almost fell out of head looking at her tight, revealing clothes.

Fran saw me and walked towards me. I was almost tongue-tied as she approached. I couldn't help but notice the prominent bulge she had. I hoped it was because of me.

I took 2 steps towards Fran and we were standing together. My hand automatically dropped down between us. Fran was talking to me, but I was so mesmerized that I barely heard anything she said.

Just then a beautiful woman walked out on stage. Everyone's attention turned that way as she introduced herself as our hostess for the evening. When she asked if we wanted to see her do a striptease I automatically nodded my head. I know Fran likes to see a good striptease so I turned to her to see her reaction. That's when I noticed that Fran had slipped away.

"Oh well," I thought, Fran can certainly look after herself. I turned back to the stage to watch our hostess.

a9127 09-19-2016 06:57 PM

Still searching for Fran, I finally notice her talking to ila but before I have a chance to say hello, she has taken off. My attention is diverted by our hostess Princess Shawn who welcomes us to her lavish mansion. I am totally intrigued. Not only is Shawn beautiful but she is wearing a schoolgirl uniform and offers to perform a striptease for us. My awkward attempt to hide my increasing arousal only serves to draw attention “down there.” Shawn notices this and giggles. Along with some of the other guests, I am very vocal about her performing for us. Now on my third martini I’m definitely in the mood for some fun… But I can’t help wondering where Fran went?

ila 09-19-2016 07:37 PM

Most of the guests around the stage are now calling for Princess Shawn to start her striptease. I joined in with their shouts of encouragement.

The next thing I know Andy is beside me. His attention is firmly fixed on the stage, but he leaned over towards and spoke loudly. I couldn't quite make out what he said except for the word 'Fran.' I just shrugged my shoulders and turned back towards the stage.

My interest in our beautiful hostess has gotten me visibly aroused. As I watch our hostess a tall, beautiful woman with long, dark hair moves in beside me. I'm now torn between paying attention to our hostess and my quickly growing interest in the woman beside me.

princess shawn 09-19-2016 10:34 PM

I start off by liberating my breasts from the confines of my tight shirt. The top button is undone, followed by the one below it. My ample bosom spills out in a lacy pink bra, but why stop there? One by one the remaining buttons are released, then I remove my shirt and toss it to the crowd. Oh, I'm sure whoever catches it will love to sniff it.

Next is the skirt. Not too quickly though, I want to dance around close to the edge of the stage first, waving my hips in the faces of those in the front row. The attentive ones catch a split second glimpse of my panties, pink and lacy just like my bra, but only for a brief moment before I coyly hide it beneath my skirt. For now, I drop to the floor of the stage to grant them a good view of my cleavage.

"Do you like what you see?" I ask everyone on the microphone, "Well, if you behave just right, one of you will get lucky tonight." I then lean closer to the edge of the stage, scanning the audience with my widening eyes. "No, I am the princess of this castle and I will say this: it won't just be one guy. Ten, twenty, maybe even ALL of you will get lucky. For now, I'd like a volunteer to join me on this stage."

ila 09-21-2016 09:59 PM

The atmosphere is electric. The guests are going wild; cheering our hostess who has peeled off her shirt. I take one tentative step and then another towards the stage. I can't take my eyes off Princess Shawn. Then I heard her request for someone to join her on the stage. I take another step towards the stage and then halt. I'm suddenly indecisive; should I or shouldn't I. I'm frozen in place. I lick my lips, but still I don't move. I'll need encouragement, either physical or verbal, before I'll move.

a9127 09-22-2016 10:35 AM

Princess Shawn is so sexy and her seductive strip tease is having quite the effect on me. Standing close to the stage I find myself instinctively rubbing my hardon through my leather pants as I try to get a better look. I would love to join her but after all those martinis, I am sure I would be unsteady. My friend ila is visibly excited and I can tell that he wants to get up on stage. So I encourage him… ;)

princess shawn 09-22-2016 11:33 AM

That is certainly a rowdy crowd, but one guy in particular is moving closer at a slow pace. Maybe he is nervous, or just shy. Seems like someone more suitable for what I have in mind than most of the lustful spectators all volunteering at the same time, and so I point at ila. "You there. Come join me on this stage."

While waiting for ila, I pull out something that had been tucked into my skirt before the show. I thrust my breasts forward, hands behind my back as if presenting my body for ila, but then I turn slightly to reveal that the object I just pulled out is a pair of handcuffs and now my hands are cuffed behind me. "Oops, I seem to have 'accidentally' cuffed myself, and I'm not even finished with my striptease. Would you mind removing the rest of my clothes for me? Start with my bra, just untie the little knot there."

ila 09-25-2016 06:27 PM

I’m almost at the stage and still going slowly. Suddenly Andy is right beside me urging me forward. I take a sideways glance at Andy and see that he is serious in his encouragement. I look back at the stage and Princess Shawn is now pointing at me, calling me to her.

All at once any trepidation I had leaves me. I hop onto the stage. Before I can blink Princess Shawn pushes her chest forward. Her beautiful, firm breasts are almost in my face. I lean forward just as our hostess turns. Her hands are in cuffs behind her back.

I move in close to Princess Shawn. She suggests, or rather almost commands, me to help her strip. She indicates that I should start with her bra. I readily comply and untie the knot holding the enticing garment together. Princess Shawn’s bra falls away revealing her two firm, beautiful, desirable orbs. I can’t resist. I run my hands over them feeling the hard, erect nipples. Princess Shawn lets out a low moan of appreciation.

I look into the lust filled eyes of our incredibe hostess. I’m going to continue stripping her, but I’m waiting for an indication of what she wants me to remove next.

princess shawn 09-26-2016 10:25 PM

"You like them, do you?" I ask him with a smile. I would rather make him wait for the privilege to fondle me but since he already has his hands on my breasts, I can only let him squeeze and rub them in any way he pleases. He needs to know that I will offer no resistance.

He is excited now, and I will keep warming him up for what is still to come. "Now, remove my skirt and my panties, but do not touch what you see underneath them. You may then pass my panties to the crowd."

a9127 09-27-2016 03:46 PM

Watching my friend ila onstage with Princess Shawn is making me really hot… Just then I get a text on my phone… It’s Kirsten! “whats up babe” “not much went to Shawn’s party thought u had to work late” “u did? well u better not be fucking anyone else or ur ass is grass LOL” “think I had 2 much 2 drink better not ride the bike want 2 come over?” “poor baby LOL yeah sure it might be awesome c-ya love K”

A few minutes later there is a loud roar out front and screeching brakes. It’s Kirsten driving the Hellcat. While it doesn’t compare to Shawn’s Bugatti Chiron, it attracts a fair share of looks among the arriving guests. However when the 6’ tall blonde driver with the “supermodel” looks, wearing 6” stiletto heels and a black leather miniskirt gets out the guests really pay attention. “Who IS that?” someone asks. “One of Princess Shawn’s friends, she’s dating the big guy that rode the Harley.”

For a second everyone stops and stares as you walk in. Then they quickly go back to watching ila and Shawn on stage. Things are really beginning to heat up!

“Hi Andy. Shawn looks great doesn’t she? And you never told me your friend ila was so hot!” you say giggling. “So why are you standing there like an asshole humping the stage by yourself holding a pair of handcuffs? You look like that fucking bondage priest. Shoulda brought you an orange jumpsuit.” Although I am starting to sober up I am not sure what to say to Kirsten. Laughing you say “If Fran was still here I’d tell her to put those on you. That would teach you a lesson…”

“Hey! I’ve got an idea… turn around.” I do as Kirsten asks and she puts ME in the handcuffs! “Don’t worry, you’re coming home with me I just thought we’d have a little fun first. You are going to have to earn your ride home baby.” “What did you have in mind?” I ask somewhat nervously. "Well I’m really getting turned on watching Shawn and ila but I think I need some help. What do you think baby?” I can see Kirsten’s very large erection underneath her skirt. And those legs! Kirsten then kisses me on the mouth for what seems like forever. I was already pretty hard. Now it’s all I can do to keep from cumming right there. Teasingly Kirsten says “If you’re a good boy that’s what you’re gonna get when we get home. I’ll let you do anything to me…”

“Let’s watch Shawn and ila for a while. I love you Andy but I’m really getting into this.” We stand there watching Princess Shawn’s striptease as Kirsten stands behind me and rubs her cock up against me and also plays with me through my leather pants. “God, aren’t they fucking hot?” she says. Kissing and biting me on the neck she teases my hardon with her fingernails through my leather pants. Handcuffed like that there’s not much I can do about it. Shawn and ila finish their act and the crowd goes wild--wanting more.

Kirsten is not as much of an “extrovert” however. I ask her if she would like to go up onstage next but she says. “No. I just wanna spend the rest of the evening with you. Let’s go over there.” she says pointing to a dark corner.

I know just what to do and get down on my knees, hands still cuffed behind my back. Kirsten lifts her dress up revealing her very large and beautiful cock. Immediately I go to work, slowly sucking her off. I might be handcuffed but I can control the speed, and where to focus my attention… Soon Kirsten is moaning and pleading for me to let her come. She has grasped my head tightly in her hands and I can tell she is close to cumming. Soon she lets out a loud “Oh God baby… Ohhhhhhh… Fuck!” and comes. I swallow most of it. She drops to her knees and whispers in my ear “That was awesome. I love you baby. Let’s go home and finish what we started. We can come back tomorrow and get your bike.” “I love you too Kirsten. You think you can get these off me?” “Yeah sure. Although I kind of like you like that…” you say giggling.

Unknown to us there was a small crowd watching and they loudly give their “approval.” At first you are a little embarrassed but I can tell you kind of liked the attention. Maybe next time we can join Princess Shawn and ila on stage… or maybe invite them and Fran over to our place. :innocent:

redrider96_nj 09-27-2016 10:44 PM

Being new in town, not knowing anyone I'm definitely in on a mansion party. I head to the party hearing the music, people cheering. I walk in the door notice a small crowd watching a very sexy blonde getting a hot blow job. On stage is a very sexy lady and a man enjoying each other. A bugle instantly grows in my pants realizing all the sexy ladies here hoping they will take kindly to a stranger.

franalexes 09-28-2016 08:37 AM

Whew! "played out" I gather my clothes ( not going downstairs totally nude) and start down stairs to join the show. Whatever you thought three sexy trannies could do together,,,,,,it's all true.
I look for Andy amid the growing crowd. He seems to have left. Where's ila ?
OH MY GAWD !!! ila is on stage ! This is going to be weird. Sort of like an angleworm trying to fuck a tiger. :lol::lol:
"ILA, what the fuck are you doing up there ? " I don't think he heard me.
Not everyone is turned on by the show. Some guy already has his hand on my ass.

ila 10-01-2016 07:13 PM

I glanced out at the audience and momentarily stopped halted touching Princess Shawn. Andy was down on his knees taking care of his girlfriend, Kirsten. I chuckled as no matter what happens between Andy and Kirsten they always get back together.

I was just about to return my attention to our beautiful hostess when I saw Fran reappear. I could see her lips moving and I could tell that she was saying something to me, but the music was too loud to hear her. I gave her a blank look and then concentrated on Princess Shawn.

With my attention back on Princess Shawn I realize that my hands are still on her firm, ripe breasts. I am reluctant to remove my hands from the warm, smooth skin, but when Princess Shawn tells me to remove her skirt and panties I don't hesitate.

I reach around behind Princess Shawn and undo the zipper on her skirt. I get down on my one knee as I lower the skirt to the floor. Shawn deftly steps out of it. I look back up at Shawn's waist so that I can remove her panties. Suddenly my cock gets harder than ever. I can see a bulge in Shawn's panties and I know that can only mean one thing.

I'm trembling with excitement and desire as my hands find the waistband of Shawn's panties. I lick my lips in anticipation as I slowly lower her panties. Her panties slip lower and suddenly her perfect treasure is in front of eyes. I desperately want to touch it, but Shawn has said not to. Still I cannot take my eyes off Shawn's delectable prize as I lower her panties all the way down.

Princess Shawn lifts first one leg and then the other. I take her panties in one hand and wave them around in a circle over my head. I stand up to look around the audience trying to find someone worthy of Shawn's panties. The crowd is cheering loudly, everyone trying to get my attention. Then I see Fran waving at me. I know that Fran truly appreciates a sexy pair of panties so I launch them towards her.

I don't wait to see if Fran catches the panties, but turn back to Princess Shawn. I'm so turned on by the sight of a beautiful naked woman that I know if Shawn doesn't say anything in the next couple of seconds I'm going to strip off my own clothes.

princess shawn 10-03-2016 12:01 AM

Maybe it is the excitement of wondering what he will do to me that brings a tingle to my crotch. I am naked now, in front of a crowd hungry for even more, and I will not disappoint them. But this guy who has just tossed my panties to Fran will be the first to taste my sweetness. He is ready to burst, I can tell. I just need to make sure he saves all of it for the right moment.

"Stroke it. Make it hard." I say to him. It is clean shaven, ready to rise with the proper handling. "As the one sharing this stage with me, you will get the first taste of my cum... but don't be selfish. Bring me to the edge of the stage so that the front row can have some of it as well." Before he can get started, however, I add, "How about you take off your own clothes first?"

(Btw, is there anything I can do to spice this up for everyone? Seems like only ila is involved in the action.)

ila 10-04-2016 07:26 PM

It’s almost unbelievable. I’m sharing a stage with a totally naked, gorgeous woman. I’m more aroused than I have ever been before. I can hardly wait to taste her.

Then I hear Princess Shawn suggest that I strip naked too. I don’t need a second invitation. In a flash I have removed my tshirt and thrown it to the far side of the stage. I sent my flip-flops flying in the same direction. It took me only another few seconds and my pants followed the previous items. I hadn’t expected to be out long this evening so that was all the clothing I was wearing.

I am now completely naked on a stage with a beautiful woman while several dozen strangers are looking on and cheering. Now that I’ve exposed my body to all these people I’m suddenly glad that my friend, Andy, had gotten me into weightlifting. I’m not exceedingly big and bulky, but I do have bulging arm muscles, six-pack abs, a small, flat waist, and muscular legs.

My cock is so hard that it is standing straight up with the head of it bouncing against my stomach. Princess Shawn has suggested that I lead her to edge of the stage. I got a sudden inspiration. Instead of taking Shawn’s hand to lead her I reach down and take her girl-cock in my hand.

I feel the warmth from Princess Shawn’s ladystick. It excites me even more. My own cock is almost vibrating. At the edge of the stage I drop down to my knees. I look out at the crowd. Their eager faces are pressed forward. They’re anticipating my next action just as much as I am.

I lift Princess Shawn’s treasure to my lips. I touch the tip of it with my tongue, tasting the slippery pre-cum. It’s heavenly. Shawn is waiting for my next move. Her girl-cock is twitching. I don’t make her wait. My tongue flicks out again and licks across the head of her cock. It velvety smoothness feels wonderful under my tongue.

I run the tip of my tongue down the underside of her shaft to the base and then back to the tip. Once more I kiss the head of her ladycock. I take the head of it between my lips and suck gently. Princess Shawn is now rock hard.

I take in more of the shaft, pause, and then take it all the way into my mouth. I back off until it’s almost all out then I take her all the way in again. I run my right hand up the outside of Shawn’s left leg following it all the way to her firm, shapely bottom. I trace her thigh around the front of her and in between her legs. I find her bottom cheeks and slide one finger inside until the tip comes up against her rosebud.

I start sucking faster on Shawn’s cock as I manipulate her puckered entrance. I slow down and then speed up. I suck harder and then more gently. I can hear the crowd cheering us on. It encourages me to put on even more of a show.

I alternate between sucking Shawn’s treasure hard and fast and then slow and gentle. I sense rather than hear Shawn’s breathing become heavier. I know she is approaching an orgasm, but I’m not yet ready to let her have one. I slow down almost to a stop. I raise my eyes to look up at my beautiful princess. Her chest is heaving. I know she wants the sweet release of an orgasm, but I’m going to draw it out longer.

I suddenly release Princess Shawn from my mouth and look out at the audience. “Shall I continue?” I call out to the enthusiastic onlookers.

princess shawn 10-05-2016 03:15 AM

(Should I post the audience's reply or will someone else do it?)

redrider96_nj 10-05-2016 09:14 AM

As I make my way to the front, I unzip my pants and start to stroke myself. At the front of the stage cheering on the sexy hostess and her friend. In the front row, you can feel the heat of the blow job she is receiving.

Yelling out "Don't make her cum yet... enjoy her lady cock"

The guy next me yells out "Give her a rim job"

Watching loving every minute of watching a sexy lady getting a blow job. The crowd is horny, you can feel the sexual tension building.

princess shawn 10-07-2016 02:21 AM

A long moan escapes my lips. Ila is good with his tongue. In no time, he has me hard, swelling inside his mouth, dripping out streams of precum. When he has his finger on my hole, I let out another moan... actually, more like a soft squeal of approval, only audible to him and drowned out by the crowd's roar. I whisper to him, "Go on, make me cum even more."

Cruelly though, that is when someone in the audience shouts for ila not to finish what he started. Not knowing who exactly made that request, I speak in the audience's direction, "My hands are cuffed but I'm still the one controlling the action." To ila, I say, "Pleasure me, my dear. Make me rain cum over this crowd."

The suggestion of a rim job did not go unnoticed. "On second thought..." I whisper into ila's ear, "A rim job sounds like fun. However, I am giving the orders. You will stop only when I tell you to stop."

ila 10-08-2016 04:13 PM

The crowd quickly confirmed what I was hoping to hear. They wanted me to continue sucking Princess Shawn’s cock. I love orally pleasuring a woman and I eagerly moved to take our gorgeous hostess’ ladycock back into my awaiting mouth. I had no sooner gotten the tip of Shawn’s beautiful ladystick into my mouth when someone shouted out for me to stop.

I was stunned. Who could be so cruel as to deny mine and Shawn’s pleasure? Then I heard Shawn say that she was controlling the action and then she told me to continue. I wasted no time. I took her full length into my mouth and started pleasuring her girlcock.

I fully intended to do as Princess Shawn wanted and make her ‘rain cum over the crowd.’ I sucked hard and fast on her wonderful ladyshaft. I could have pushed a finger into her opening to massage her prostate and make her cum hard and fast, but I was not going to do that. I so enjoyed the feeling of Shawn’s treasure in my mouth that I was going to make this last as long as possible.

I suddenly slowed my sucking action again. I wanted to bring gorgeous Shawn to the edge several times before she came. Just then there was another voice calling out for me to rim Shawn. My cock twitched with excitement. I love to rim a girl as much as I love sucking her cock. At the same time I didn’t want to stop what I was doing. It was just too enjoyable.

Princess Shawn again made the decision for me and her and everyone else. She said that she’s giving the orders and I was to stop only when she said to do so. I took that to mean that I was to continue my oral treatment of her beautiful ladystick. I hoped that I had made the right decision as I didn’t want to disappoint our passionate, beautiful hostess.

princess shawn 10-08-2016 10:43 PM

The rim job can wait. I want him to keep sucking for as long as he can without choking. Goodness, did I pick the right man to join me! His saliva coats my cock from base to tip. It is throbbing now, ready to burst, ready to reward ila with its sweet juice. There are no more orders from me at the moment, just more moans of pleasure.

And then, I unload into ila's mouth. A flood of cum that I initially wanted to save for the crowd washes over his tongue and drips from the corners of his lips. I can't help it, he is such a good cocksucker. "Those who want to taste me," I say to the audience, "Open wide."

However, I am not turning towards them yet. "Make me squirt over them. Use your hands." I tell ila, "In fact, let's make a game out of this. If you can make my cum reach the second row, you may fuck me."

redrider96_nj 10-09-2016 11:32 AM

As I stand at the edge of the stage, it finally hits me, the sexy handcuffed lady is calling the shots here. You can hear her moans and see how much fun he is having enjoying her lady cock.
The crowd is cheering them on. I've pulled my cock out and stroke as I watch the action.

When she says open wide.. I yell "Please here" and open my mouth wide waiting.

ila 10-09-2016 08:24 PM

There was no indication from Princess Shawn that I should stop what I was doing to give her a rim job so I stay in position sucking her cock. She has such a beautiful cock that I could keep sucking it for hours and hours. I am so caught up with pleasuring our beautiful hostess that without realizing it I am deep throating her ladystick.

The only I thing I can hear right now are the sucking sounds that I’m making and Shawn’s moans of pleasure. It doesn’t take long before I, too, am moaning with pleasure. It takes only another couple of minutes before I feel her ladycock start throbbing in my mouth. I expect her to pull out at any second to spray the excited crowd gathered around the stage. Suddenly she erupts into my eager mouth with a big load of cum. She spurts again and again and then once more. I quickly swallow each shot that she gives me. Even so some of her sweet juice still leaks out the corners of my mouth.

I hold Princess Shawn’s treasure in my mouth as she slowly goes flaccid. Then I hear her telling the crowd that she’s going to squirt over them. ‘How is she going to do that,’ I wonder.

The next thing I hear is Shawn tell me to use my hand to make her spray. I am surprised that she thinks she’s ready to go again. Shawn then gives me a challenge. Make her shoot as far as the second row and I get to fuck her.

I’m ready for a task like that. Our hostess is expecting me to stay on my knees and jerk off her sweet girlcock. Instead I quickly stand up and move behind her. My hot, throbbing cock is up against the cleavage of her firm, smooth bum cheeks. I reach around in front with my right hand to take care of her precious organ.

Princess Shawn is already semi-erect when I take hold of her. It takes only a few strokes and she is once more rock hard. She pushes back against me as I continue to slide my hand along her cock. It doesn’t take long before Shawn is again moaning with pleasure. I increase the rhythm causing more moans and some whimpers.

I can feel that Shawn is getting close to cumming. I stroke her harder and faster. Her cock swells up and I know it’s only a matter of seconds now. I squeeze hard on her treasure to keep her from cumming. I want the pressure to build up some more. Princess Shawn lets out a grunt. I’m just about ready to release the pressure. Another two strokes and I loosen my grip, but keep stroking her. She jets out the first spurt. The crowd watches. There’s one guy in the second row with his mouth wide open hoping to catch the prize. I hope he get his reward so that I can get mine.

princess shawn 10-10-2016 11:36 AM

(I'll post my reply when I have the time but first, I'd like to point out that my cumming was an attempt to make things more interesting, in case anyone is wondering "Wtf, how the hell can she do that?" Let me know if I absolutely must stick to realism or whether I should push it further, because I'm not sure which is more appealing.)

ila 10-10-2016 03:05 PM

My thoughts are that we should go with what makes it interesting. I'd not like to veer too far from reality, but a little stretching of possibilities is good with me.

princess shawn 10-11-2016 10:44 PM

Feeling the size of his big hard cock between my butt cheeks is getting me even more excited. Something like that will need lots of lubricant, and thankfully I left a few on the table of toys. All he needs to do now is aim and squirt me. "Aim at that guy first." I say to ila, gesturing with a flick of my head at the man in the front row with his mouth wide open.

His second time at making me cum does not fail. The first spurt falls to the edge of the stage, not hitting anyone, but the second is a stream landing squarely on that enthusiastic audience member's tongue where it then rolls into his throat. This encourages the second row to push forward, closer to me with the hopes of catching some drops of my sweetness.

One more squirt from me before my cock goes soft again. It does not hit anyone's mouth in the second row, only on the floor and I think someone's shoulder. Still, I will accept it. "You've done well. Here's your reward..." I drop to my knees and bend forward, awaiting the first thrust from ila. "Someone fetch the lubes. Would you like to widen my hole with some toys first? Maybe gag me so that I cannot order your around?"

redrider96_nj 10-12-2016 05:17 PM

MMMMMM... her warm cum hits my tongue, some drops splash on my face. I swallow the sweet reward very tasty. I yell from the floor "Very tasty, he's lucky he got a full load".. The crowd cheers pushing forward.
I hear her say "fetch some lube, toys, gag.... " I shove my way over to the table, pants open cock hanging out... grabbing a tube of lube, a couple of toys and a ball gag....
Standing at the bottom of the stairs...
I call up "Mistress, I have the things you asked for" lifting my hands to show her the bounty I have.

ila 10-13-2016 06:56 PM

I watch as Princess Shawn’s first spurt falls short of the intended goal. I wrap my hand more tightly around her cock to let the pressure build. I release the pressure and watch the second spurt go into the eager mouth of a man in the front row.

I pull my hips back to readjust my aching cock and slide it in between our hostess’ warm, firm bum cheeks. She pushes back against me. I know she wants to feel my full length in her, but I’m determined to earn the privilege. I squeeze hard again on Shawn’s ladycock and stroke her.

The pressure is building up and as I release Shawn’s cock she shoots a spurt that looks like it’s going to hit the second row. It falls just short, but Shawn is pleased. She drops to her knees and bends forward awaiting my pulsating member.

I hear Shawn calling for toys and lube. The guy that caught her second spurt of cum disappears and is back momentarily with his hands full of goodies from the toy table. I can’t believe what he says as he holds up the toys. He is calling Princess Shawn ‘Mistress.’

‘A submissive’ is my first thought. This is going to better than I could ever hope for. My cock suddenly swells and twitches at the possibilities.

“What’s your name,” I call down to him. The crowd is making too much noise for me to clearly hear his answer. I caught the word ‘Red’, but not the next part. ‘Red’ will have to do.

I call out to him again. “Get up here on stage, Red.”

He quickly complies. I notice for the first time that his cock is hanging out of his pants and it’s rigid. “Strip off, Red,” I command.

In a flash Red is naked. I can see he’s anticipating a little pleasure with our hostess. He’ll not be denied, but first Red, the submissive, is going to have to earn it.

“Show me what you have in your hands, Red,” I say.

He shows me a ball gag, two interesting dildos, and a tube of lube. This is perfect. “Gag your mistress, Red.”

Red scrambles around and in mere seconds he has the ball gag in place. It looks like Red is no stranger to bondage. Things are looking ever more pleasurable.

“Lube that dildo there, Red, the small, short one. I’m going to open up my Princess and you’re going to help.”

Princess Shawn’s hands are still in cuffs. She’s not going to be able hold herself up so Red is going to help her with that.

Red expertly lubes the indicated dildo and hands it to me. “Now, Red, you’re going to do something that will please both me and your Mistress. Get on your hands and knees in front of your Mistress. You’re going to be a cushion for her head as she bends all the way over for me.”

I can see that Red loves the plan. His cock is bobbing up and down and, I’m sure, leaking pre-cum. He gets into position and turns his head to look adoringly at his Mistress.

“Bend forward, Princess,” I say to Shawn. “Your slave wants to support you while I prepare you.”

I move back enough so that my hot, throbbing cock is once more exposed to just the air. I place the dildo against our hostess’ tight, little entrance. “Are you ready, Princess?” I ask.

Before Princess Shawn can I answer I say, “Wait a minute. There’s something missing here. Red needs a cock to suck while he supports you.”

I look at Red and say, “What will it be, Red? Do you want a man or girl? Decide right now or I’ll decide for you.”

I look impatiently at Red. If he doesn’t answer in the next two seconds I’ll pick someone for him.

princess shawn 10-13-2016 11:03 PM

This is getting hotter by the second. If I had not spurted mere seconds ago, my cock will be stiff yet again at the thought of what will be coming next. My second guest on the stage is right in front of me, his cock wet at the tip. I open my mouth and accept the large pink ball gag he brought to me. The straps are secured at the back of my head. Indeed, he is no rookie for he had chosen the largest ball gag on the table. It bulges out from between my lips like a boob.

When ila asks if I am ready, I nod without hesitation and bend forward as far as I can to expose my hole. All this time, I am thinking how I will reward these two. Ila and the other guy, I heard ila calling him Red so that is what I will call him too, have so easily transitioned into the dominant role that I have a feeling this is not their first time. Maybe a private session in my bedroom, away from the crowd, will be a sufficient prize. Or perhaps I can let them take me, still bound and gagged, to one of their homes.

My thoughts are interrupted when ila asks Red whose cock he wants to suck. As if things cannot get even more exciting. I remain bent forward and await Red's response.

redrider96_nj 10-17-2016 08:49 AM

The intense sexual arousal for me I have never been on stage naked in front of so many people. Stripping down my cock throbs oozing precum.

My hair is sticky and you can see cum running down my cheek from where some of Mistress's load splashed on my face.

The thoughts running thru my mind as I follow orders from Mr. Ila, I have never taken orders from a man. My hands shake as I gag Mistress. Watching her sexy lips as she takes the large ball gag, feeling her soft hair as i tighten the straps.

I get down on my hands and knees right in front of Mistress, so I can support her.

I then hear the question, without hesitation... "A lady please Sir"

ila 10-17-2016 07:54 PM

“Ah, good,” I think when Red calls me 'Sir.' A submissive that is respectable, obedient, and fast has to be treated accordingly. Red not only picked the biggest ball gag from the table, but he quickly fastened it in place on Princess Shawn. Now Red is on his hands and knees and ready to support his Mistress. He shall be suitably rewarded.

I scan the room looking for a suitable candidate. And there she is right up near the stage; tall, svelte, long, blonde hair down to her waist, and a very attractive face made up with red lipstick and dark eyeshadow. I can see the nipples of her breasts poking against the white nylon blouse stretched tightly across her chest. There is a telltale tenting of her black skirt.

I beckon her up on stage. She takes the two steps up and one more on the stage. She is right in front of Red. I can see him looking hungrily up at her. “Yes, Red,” I say, “when you are a good slave you get rewarded accordingly.”

I look up at the beautiful face of the newest addition to our expanding group. “What’s your name?” I ask gently. “Princess would like to know who her slave is going to pleasure.”

“Jane will do,” she replies.

“Thankyou, Jane,” I reply. “Red is eagerly waiting to please you, but I’m not going to let him just yet. First I want you to show Mistress what you have under your skirt.”

I can see that Jane is ready to become fully involved. She reaches behind herself to unzip her skirt. It falls to the floor revealing a rock hard, throbbing six inch cock that is standing straight out.

Red licks his lips. He can hardly wait to taste this beautiful woman. “Not yet, Red,” I say firmly. I look at Jane. “Now your blouse, Jane. Show Red’s Mistress your breasts.”

Jane nods and starts to unbutton her blouse. “Not like that, Jane. Down on your knees and face me. Red doesn’t get to see them yet. He’s being far too enthusiastic right now.”

Jane drops to her knees at the side of Shawn and in a position so that when Red turns to look to the side he can only see Jane’s cute, firm bottom. She starts slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

No one notices me motion another woman up onto the stage. I had seen her standing right beside the steps excitedly looking on. Her right hand was on the front of her dress massaging the swollen lump that was jutting out. She is up on the stage immediately. I get a good look at her now. She is about 5’ 8” tall and shapely. She has short, dark hair and a striking face.

I look at her and she mouths the word ‘Alice.’ I understand it to mean her name. I don’t have to say anything else right now. Alice starts stripping off. Her dress drops to the floor and her bra and panties soon follow.

I turn my attention back to Jane. Her blouse is off revealing large, firm breasts and those unbelievable hard, erect nipples that I had seen visibly poking through her blouse. Shawn is fascinated. Her gaze is firmly fixed on Jane’s wonderful orbs.

“Rub your tits on Princess’ face,” I command Jane. She takes one breast in each hand and starts brushing them over Princess Shawn’s face. Our hostess is so engrossed in the soft flesh on her face that she doesn’t notice when I slide the dildo into her puckered hole.

As I slowly fuck Princess with the dildo I look back at Alice. She is completely naked now. I look at her small, firm breasts and tiny waist and suck in my breath. She’s incredible. Then my gaze drops to her hard cock that is pointing straight out. I gulp. She must have a good nine inches and it is as big around as a drink can.

Alice looks back at me and then down at Red. I nod my head. Alice grabs the lube beside her and drizzles it over her cock. I watch as she spreads it over the entire length of her shaft. Alice knows what I want and she’s going to do it without any further direction from me.

I return to Jane. “Now rub your cock all over Princess’ face,” I say. I watch for a few seconds and then go back to working the dildo in Shawn. A couple more strokes and I pull it out. It’s just about time for the next step.

Alice is lined up behind Red. I adjust my position. Shawn is so enthralled with the cock on her face that she hasn’t noticed that the dildo is no longer in her. Jane looks over at me. I nod my head to indicate that it’s time for to get in front of Red.

Jane shoves her cock into Red’s mouth. At Alice’s cue both of us push our cocks forward entering our respective partners. The three of us hold still waiting for a reaction from Red and Princess.

princess shawn 10-17-2016 10:45 PM

No objections about the newcomers to the stage. Jane obediently does what she is told, sliding her erect nipples all over my face. My eyes close, my breathing quickens. And then my eyelids clench tighter when I feel ila thrusting that dildo into my hole while I am distracted. A shrill "Muuurgh!" escapes my gagged lips, though he may not notice that it is a squeal of pleasure. Perhaps he is mistaking it for a failed attempt to ask Jane for more.

Somehow I manage to maintain my position. My cock is hard again. I open my eyes just in time to catch the wonderful sight of Jane's cock going up and down my cheeks and the space between my eyes, beautiful enough for me not to notice that the dildo is no longer inside me.

And then, ila's cock finds its way deep into me. The audience roars with approval. I let out a "FFUUURMMPH!" that softens when I feel ila's balls against the opening on my butt. He is huge! I throw my head back at the end of his thrust, brushing the tip of Jane's cock on my chin as I do so. If I can, I will apologise to Red for the sudden movement that he no doubt has trouble supporting, but I see that he has something else holding his attention.

princess shawn 10-17-2016 10:47 PM

(Btw, how am I doing? Is this hot enough or should I contribute more rather than just showing my reactions?)

redrider96_nj 10-19-2016 08:40 AM

As I support Mistress Shawn, I can feel her soft skin on my back and her warm breath as her Master toys her ass. Feels like my cock is twitching, leaking at all the excitement.

Getting lost in the moment, I realize Mr Ila has invited a beautiful lady on stage. I look up watching her walk on stage, seeing her tenting. I watching longing, lustfully as she slowly strips down. Looking up at her beautiful smooth skin legs, up to her sexy hard lady cock. Wanting, I lick my lips....

Then I hear Mr Ila, tell her to move so I can't see her breasts... there is a moment of disappointment, I'm not sure what I've done to be excluded.

I can feel more pressure from Mistress Shawn, I figure Mr Ila must be fucking her again. My head down I brace myself to make sure I support her.

Suddenly startled, I feel hands on my ass as I lift my head trying to turn and see - Jane grabs my head, holds it and shoves her lady cock deep in my mouth. I take her all gagging a bit, spitting her balls rest on my chin, she holds her cock in my mouth... I moan in pleasure.
My head spinning as this beautiful women holds her rock hard cock in my mouth, I feel someone, unknown to me, pushing a large cock deep in my ass. I moan and groan... "oh my gawd, this feels great"...

I feel like I can't move, the weight of Mistress Shawn as she gets fucked, lady Jane holding my head as she fucks my face. Jane softly strokes and caresses my face as her lady cock slides in & out of my mouth. My mystery person holding my hips as he or she fucks my ass, I can feel fingernails tracing up and down my spine, digging in, then less pressure, feeling that massage as they fuck me in the ass.

My head spinning, not sure if this is a dream, a nightmare or my all time fantasy. I can hear people in the crowd cheering and yelling encouragement.

ila 10-19-2016 09:42 PM

The feeling is amazing. I slid my cock all the way into Princess Shawn in one quick thrust. Now I’m balls deep in her. I’ve never felt anyone that is so warm and tight. She grips me tightly and I intend to really enjoy this moment so I hold myself deep in her.

I look at Alice and see her thrusting rhythmically in and out of Red. I can’t believe he took all of Alice’s cock. Not only did he take it, but judging by the moans and groans coming from him he’s enjoying it. I can see that he’s also enjoying Jane who has buried her cock in his mouth. I’m going to have to reward Red for taking care of two ladies at once.

I turn my attention back to Princess. Her moans and whimpers tell me that she loves the feeling of my cock. She’s pushing her firm, little bottom back at me. She wants me to fuck her and I definitely want to give her what she wants.

I start to slowly stroke in and out of Shawn. The guests gathered around the stage had been cheering and now they’re louder. The enthusiasm of the audience spurs me on. I stroke in and out our hostess faster and harder. I can hear her moans of pleasure. She squeezes her muscles down on my cock. An involountary moan of pleasure escapes my lips. Princess Shawn is by far the most enjoyable woman I’ve ever had.

I reach around her hips and underneath her with my right arm. I quickly find her ladycock. Incredibly she is rock hard again. I grip her cock and start stroking up and down on it. I can see that I’m going to have to reward her. Perhaps I’ll let her fuck Red. Or maybe I’ll let her fuck me. The last thought causes a tingling in my cock.

I glance out at the crowd. Although they are cheering most of them are only watching the action on the stage. I’ve got to influence the dynamic and get them to participate with each other. There’s a couple near the stage. I look directly at them as I give Princess a few hard thrusts. The couple get the idea. They move up onto the stage and start stripping each other. Others in the immediate area take the hint. Clothes are soon flying in all directions. Both men and women are dropping to their knees to orally take care of the closest person.

With the party rapidly heating up I turn my attention back to Shawn. She’s being a good sub and I’m going to give her a good fucking.

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