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princess shawn 02-26-2018 10:25 PM

Another Cybersex Roleplay Thread (me and ila only)
Unlike the first one, this is a closed roleplay between me and ila. We already have something planned out to make this one different from the first time. But if you wish to join in, let me know via PM before posting. The same rules from the first RP apply:

1) You do not take control of another player's character, not even briefly. Non-player characters (NPCs) are fine.
2) Your English is good enough to write legibly.
3) You respect the other player(s)' dos and don'ts.
4) You come here regularly or semi regularly. In other words, you won't make one post and then disappear, leaving the other person waiting. If you have to leave for an extended period, let the other players know.

Plot-wise, this is a continuation of the first RP. We will be playing the same characters. Anyone else joining in later, if they were in part 1, does not have to stick to the same character unless they want to.

princess shawn 02-26-2018 10:26 PM

It has been a few months since the party. And what a hot, sexy party it was! I suppose my only complaint was having to clean up the main hall where most of the party's guests had gathered without asking the servants to do it, lest they tell my parents about those suspicious puddles of cum when they returned from their business trips. Fortunately, they came home not suspecting a thing, and neither did the servants when the short vacation I gave them ended.

And now, mom and dad have another trip out of town, leaving me in charge of the mansion. My first thought is to hold another party, bigger and wilder than the last... but no, I am not looking forward to another round of mopping jizz from the floor. Maybe I should keep it down to one guy for each night that I can do this without getting caught. After generously sending the servants off to another vacation in the neighbouring city of their choice, of course. What's the worst that can happen?

Right at the top of my list of people to call for a fun time is Ila, that guy who brought me to his house and gave me such a lovely fucking. Once the mansion is empty, I pick up my phone and give him a call, hoping that he can recognise my voice after all the time we spent not seeing or hearing from each other since the party.

"Hi Ila, it's Shawn." I say in my sexiest voice, "My parents are out again. Wanna come over and fuck me?"

ila 02-26-2018 11:02 PM

It was another long evening at home. I had been spending far too much time sitting around doing absolutely nothing. That was all my fault though. I had been replaying, in my mind, that wonderful night a few months ago at Shawn's party. It had been an amazing time and even better when Shawn had come home with me. How could any guy ever forget the time that we had. Well, I couldn't sit around forever. This was my night to get out and do something.

Just as I stood my phone rang. I glanced at it debating whether or not to answer. "What the heck," I thought. "Maybe it's someone I know."

I had no sooner put the phone to me ear when I heard the sexiest voice in the world. I knew instantly that it was Shawn. I almost came in my pants just from the sheer joy and pleasure of hearing her voice. Pleasant memories, of course, played a part in my reaction.

Before I could say anything Shawn had invited me over using that most magical of phrases. She gave me an invitation I could not and would never refuse when it came from her.

"I'm on my way," I exclaimed, completely aroused by thoughts of gorgeous Shawn.

I raced out of my house and down the street. Visions of the most beautiful, passionate, sexy woman I had ever met filled my thoughts. My cock was so hard and throbbing that it was a miracle that I could run so fast. It wasn't far to Shawn's house and I made there in record time.

As I stood in front of Shawn's house I couldn't remember whether she said to ring the doorbell or just walk in. On my last visit everyone had been invited to just walk in so that what I did. I called out her name as soon as I was in the door.

princess shawn 02-26-2018 11:20 PM

I open the door clad only in white bra and panties, with a little bulge down there. It will soon be bigger, I know it. And from the looks of it, Ila cannot wait to give it the attention it deserves. I lean over and give him a kiss on the cheek. "Come in." I say with a smile.

That same walk I used to keep all eyes on me during the party ensured that Ila does not get distracted by anything else. With hips swaying, I beckon to him as I head up the stairs to my bedroom. Leaving the bedroom door open, I fall onto my fluffy pink bed, arms lying by my side as if presenting myself to him.

"So... Which will you remove first?" I playfully lay one finger on my bra, which appears to be struggling to hold my ample bosom in place, and a finger of my other hand on the crotch of my panties.

ila 02-27-2018 09:11 PM

The door opens to reveal the breathtaking, incomparable gorgeousness of Shawn. I suck in a deep breath and then let it out in a long, low whistle. Shawn’s attire leaves little and yet a lot to my imagination. Her firm, ripe breasts are concealed by a sexy white bra that shows the outline of her hard, pinkish-red nipples while giving me a generous view of her cleavage.

I drop my gaze lower to her tiny waist and flat tummy. I let my eyes slowly drift lower to see a prominent bulge in her panties. I immediately develop a big, matching bulge in my own pants. As Shawn leans in to give me a kiss on my cheek I inhale her intoxicating fragrance. My cock is now so hard it’s aching.

Shawn spins around on her toes and starts walking away swaying her hips and giving me a good look at her firm, round bottom. I am so mesmerized by Shawn that I don’t move until she beckons me to follow her. I’m behind her in a four quick steps.

I follow her into her bedroom and watch her lay down on her bed while giving a most enticing view of her perfect body. Then Shawn asks me what I want to remove first. It’s not an easy decision. Do I want to see her beautiful breasts with their upright nipples or do I want to taste her wonderful shaft of feminine delights.

The answer quickly comes to me when I look at her gorgeous face. I’m not going to just fuck Shawn, I’m going to make love to her and her whole body. “Your bra,” I answer.

I watch as Shawn sits upright indicating that I should do the honours. My arms go around her. I easily find the catches and with a practiced flip of my fingers her bra closures are released. I lean into Shawn and our lips meet as I slip the bra straps off her shoulders. I run my hands down her sides until I reach the bottom of her bra. I slip my hands underneath the soft, caressing material to feel Shawn’s firm breasts. I slide my hands to the front of Shawn’s breasts and cup each one in the palms of my hands. Her erect nipples tickle my hands arousing me even further.

Shawn lifts her arms so that I can remove her bra. With her shapely mounds now exposed I release my lips from hers and drop my head to suck, lick, and nibble her breasts and nipples. I shrug and dip my shoulders to indicate to Shawn that she should start undressing me. Will she take the hint I wonder.

princess shawn 02-27-2018 10:49 PM

Obviously, I cannot be the only one standing there exposed. But since Ila went for my bra first, I think I will do the opposite. And so my hands slid down his body, pausing to undo his belt. He is fully aroused now, a stiffness that I make sure he maintains by pushing myself closer to him, allowing a bigger handful of my breasts. My tongue finds its way into his mouth as we kiss.

Once his pants have been loosened, I pull them down as far as I can without lowering my body too much. They are around his knees now, and I do the same to his underwear. My eyes roll down to catch a glimpse of his erect, meaty cock just starving for attention, already damp at the tip. As is mine from the sheer anticipation of what is to come.

I gently push myself away from him, disengaging the kiss in the process. "You take off your shirt, I'll remove my panties at the same time." I say to him, "Ready? One... Two..."

Suddenly, my expression changes. "Wait, did we lock the door when you came in?"

ila 02-28-2018 08:07 PM

I was more than ready to take off my shirt when Shawn suggested that we finish stripping together. I quickly worked my pants and underwear all the way down and off and then kicked them aside. I was leaking pre-cum in a steady stream as Shawn started her countdown.

I had almost pulled my shirt off when Shawn interrupted her count to ask about the door. I thought for a second and then said, “I don’t remember locking the door, but then I thought it would lock automatically when it closed.”

I furrowed my brow as I listened intently trying to identify what seemed to bother Shawn. After several seconds I still hadn’t heard anything. I looked at Shawn and she was still listening, but it was apparent that she couldn’t identify anything untoward.

Several more seconds passed and when I still couldn’t detect anything I pulled off my shirt. I placed my hands on each side of Shawn’s hips and asked, “Do you need help with these?” indicating her panties.

My cock was throbbing and I was more than ready to continue kissing downwards along Shawn’s beautiful body and to take her visibly erect cock into my mouth. I could see by the wet spot on the front of her panties that she too was ready. I pushed Shawn’s locked door concerns to the back of my mind as I looked at her gorgeous face and into her sparkling eyes.

princess shawn 02-28-2018 10:55 PM

With Ila's hands on my hips, I smile and nod. "Yes, you may unwrap the present yourself." I was about to do so but it will probably be more satisfying for him if he exposes my cock with his own hands, much like a child opening an awesome birthday gift.

My mind drifts away from thoughts of the possibly unlocked door. Just like when I sent the servants away on a vacation to have the whole mansion to myself, what's the worst that can happen? I gaze back into the eyes of Ila, my breathing quickens and all fears are banished.

I look down at the leaky tip of his cock. Before he can begin sliding down my panties, my hands go to work on making him spew more of his juice. With fingers wrapped tightly around his shaft, I give a little squeeze, then start jerking until his cum flows over my hands. Not too much though, I imagine he needs to save some of it for when he gets inside me.

ila 03-01-2018 08:38 PM

I moaned softly as Shawn’s soft hands caressed my cock. I let out a low groan as I spurt a bit of cum onto her. That was absolutely incredible. My body is still tingling as I slowly work Shawn’s panties down her hips. I am anticipating what is about to be revealed, but I want to take my time to draw out the pleasure.

I nudge her panties a little lower. The tip of her cock is peeking out of the waistband. The sight is titillating. I let go of the waistband of Shawn’s panties, run my hands down her hips, and then slip them up her panty legs to caress her firm bottom. A quick flip of my hands outwards and I am once again holding onto the waistband, but this time from the inside. I tug Shawn’s panties and they slide down several centimetres.

Shawn’s cock is suddenly fully exposed. It’s bouncing, twitching, and throbbing. The sight is overwhelmingly erotic. I was going to wait before I touched her cock, but now I know that is impossible.

I quickly pull Shawn’s panties all the way down to her ankles and then pull my hands out. I cup her pretty, little bottom at the same time as I kiss the tip of her cock. I ease Shawn onto her back on the bed. My tongue flicks out to lick the tip of Shawn’s cock. I hear her moan encouragingly. I take the head of cock between my lips and suck on it releasing it with a loud pop. I do it again before taking most of her shaft into my mouth.

I take Shawn’s cock all the way into my mouth and then bob my head up and down a few times. My moans of pleasure are drowned out by Shawn’s sudden gasp as she squirts her hot cum into my mouth.

I hold my head still. It’s going to be a long night and I want to prolong Shawn’s and my pleasure. After her first squirt Shawn relaxes again. I pull my head up so that her cock slips out of my mouth and then kiss my way back up across her tummy to her beautiful breasts and then her lips.

As I settle my weight onto Shawn’s outstretched body my cock is poised against her entrance. I am about to push in when I think I hear a noise. I stop so that I can look around for the source of the sound. I don’t hear anything more so I look at Shawn to see if she also heard a sound. Her head is slightly cocked to one side, but I’m unsure if she heard what I did.

princess shawn 03-01-2018 11:29 PM

Tingles run through my body. Ila certainly has a way of making me excited. The slow revealing of my cock, followed by his tongue going across the wet tip, makes me let out a moan of pleasure. But it is when he takes the whole shaft into his mouth that really made me lose it. My fingers clutch the bedsheets, my body tenses and arcs, my breaths come out in shrill gasps.

Such masterful sucking must be rewarded. I hold it in for a moment, waiting till Ila has my cock halfway inside his mouth, then release a load of warm juice. And it is a big one, enough to flood his tongue and drip out from the corners of his lips and back down my hard, throbbing cock.

I know what he wants next. As he kisses me from belly to breasts and finally stopping at my lips, I raise my legs as high as I can to grant him easier access. His cock is gently poking at the entrance... but he stops and looks around. I freeze as well when I realize he heard the same thing I did: a footstep coming from downstairs. Just one footstep, as if someone was trying not to be heard.

For a moment, I panic, thinking that one of the servants has returned earlier than expected. Everything is silent once more; if it was a servant, he or she will not be sneaking around. "Should we continue?" I ask Ila nervously, trying to put his mind at ease along with my own, "Maybe the sound came from the streets outside. Or maybe it's a stray animal."

ila 03-02-2018 04:11 PM

“I think you’re right, Shawn,” I answer. “It must be a stray animal or something else outside.”

Shawn relaxes again and so do I. My cock is throbbing so hard that it’s aching. I’m filled with desire and passion for Shawn and I can see by the look in her eyes that she has the same thoughts.

Our lips meet again. I push my hips down and forward. There is some resistance against my cock but then I feel Shawn opening up for me. My cock slowly slides into her at the same time that my tongue slips between her soft, warm, lips. I hold myself in place when I’m fully into Shawn.

I wrap my arms around Shawn holding her tightly to me. I feel her legs cross behind me to hold me into her. Our kiss grows more passionate. I start slowly moving around. Shawn’s moans urge me on. I slowly stroke in and out of her. I gradually go faster and faster while thrusting harder.

I can feel my orgasm starting to build in me, but it’s too soon. I suddenly stop fucking Shawn as I hold my cock deep in her. She’s not ready for me to stop so she thrusts her hips up. I wait for the second bump and then I start stroking again. This time I start off hard and fast with short strokes then switch to long slow strokes.

My orgasm is once more quickly approaching. There is a tingling all through my body. I rest my full body weight on Shawn. Her cock is hard again and I can feel it against me. It’s so intensely erotic that I clamp my lips tightly to Shawn’s. I give her a couple more quick, hard thrusts. My orgasm rushes through my body. I spurt deep in Shawn. I moan and then spurt again and again. Shawn grabs the back of my head to hold my lips on her. I hear her moans of pleasure as my love juice jets into her.

Our lips part and both Shawn and I gasp. Our lips crash together again and then part. We gasp once more sucking in deep breaths. I can feel Shawn’s heart beating against my chest. I let out a low moan of pleasure as my orgasm subsides.

Both of us sigh contentedly. I am about to lay my head on Shawn’s chest when the bedroom door crashes open. I am momentarily confused. I look into Shawn’s frightened eyes. Before I can do or say anything a harsh voice issues a command.

princess shawn 03-03-2018 03:44 AM

I feel his cock being pushed deep into my hole. Much like the first time, it is a tight fit when he is fully aroused, but once he goes in so far that I can feel his balls bumping against my ass, everything else comes easily. In and out he goes, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

"Mmmmm..." I moan between long, deep breaths. I know he came inside me, I can feel the hot wetness filling me up. My heart is racing. Another kiss on his lips to show that I appreciate what he did, then we relax once more on the bed. If only he can keep going forever...

My thoughts are interrupted when the door opens suddenly, startling me. In walks four people with balaclavas on. The mere sight of them makes me push Ila off me and scramble to the other side of the bed, even though I have no idea who they are or what's going on.

"You two, grab the girl!" the one who spoke is a woman, her long blonde hair dangling out from under her mask. She gestures to a pair of men standing behind her, with her other hand pointing at me. Immediately, I start screaming and retreating to the furthest corner of the room.

Another masked man, burlier than the rest, steps up next to the woman. "Who's this guy?" he indicates Ila with a tilt of his head, "What should we do with him?"

"Fuck it, we'll take him too." the woman replies. She strides up to Ila and whips out a knife from her pocket. "Don't make a sound, you hear? I'll cut you up if you piss me off. One of you go find me something to tie and gag him." The burly one promptly yanks open one of my bedside drawers and pulls out a pair of handcuffs and a ballgag.

ila 03-03-2018 07:26 PM

I am momentarily confused. Shawn is in the corner of the room and she’s screaming. There are four other people in disguise in the bedroom and one is barking orders. I try to react, but before I can do anything there is a knife pointed at me.

I whip my head around to see what I quickly deduce are three men searching the room. The one with the knife whom, by the sound of the voice and the obvious breasts, I rapidly figure out is a woman forces me to stand up beside the bed. Two of the men, both dressed in black tshirts and black track pants, return to the woman. One is holding a ball gag and the other has a set of handcuffs.

The woman, with the knife, tells them to take care me. The one with the gag stands in front of me. I’m just shy of six feet tall and he is almost a hand’s breadth taller which would make him about 6’ 2’’ tall. I can see his muscles bulging under his tshirt. The other one is a fair bit shorter than me, about 5’ 8’ I would guess. He, too, is very muscular.

Before I can say or do anything the taller one has the ball gag in my mouth and fastens it in the back. Right after that the shorter one steps in behind me. Both of the guys force my arms behind my back. The cuffs are on me in less than three seconds. I’m now their prisoner and unable to fight back. Fortunately for me I recognized the handcuffs from the last time I was with Shawn. They are the type of cuffs that can be released without using a key by anyone that knows where the catch is. The ball gag straps are cutting into the sides of my mouth so I move my jaw and push my tongue out to make the gag fit more comfortably. That’s when I discover that the straps haven’t been done up tightly. I should be able to get it off with just a little manipulation.

Thoughts of how to rescue Shawn and get out of here are racing through my mind. A plan is forming in my mind when the taller man intrudes into my thoughts. He says to the shorter one, “I’ll take over from here.”

The taller one steps in behind me and pulls me against him in a vice-like bearhug that is so tight I can’t move. “Now you’re going to see what we’re going to do with your girlfriend,” he snarls.

My captor spins me in the direction of Shawn. The third man is advancing on her. Shawn is in the corner and she’s visibly shaking with tears streaming down her gorgeous face. I struggle to break free, but the man holding me just laughs and pulls me closer to him. I can only watch helplessly. As I try to twist around to escape I feel something hard against my bum. I stop moving, but there is still that lump against me. I suddenly realize that the guy holding me has a hard-on and he’s pushing it against me. I’m not sure if it’s me, my predicament, or Shawn’s nakedness that is exciting him.

princess shawn 03-04-2018 04:17 AM

I am facing just one man now. Like the others, he is wearing a black T-shirt and matching track pants, with greasy hair sticking out from under his mask that is a darker shade of blond than the woman's. His thick, hairy forearms are covered in tattoos.

I manage to scream one more time before he grabs me, turns me around such that I am now facing Ila and he is behind me, pinning my arms to my sides with his arm wrapped around my body. His left hand is clamped tight over my mouth, reducing my screams to muffled whimpers. "Yeah, that's it. You wanna try screaming again?" he sneers.

The woman walks towards me, tucking away her knife and pulling out a roll of duct tape from another pocket. The tattooed man removes his hand from my mouth and I start pleading, "Please don't hurt me. I'll do anyth-mmmph!" A strip of tape is pressed over my lips. The man holds my hands behind my back and ties some rope around my wrists, followed by my ankles.

"Oh, we won't hurt you. Unless daddy decides not to pay up." the woman says. The tattooed man picks me up over his shoulder and walks to the door, keeping a tight grip on me as I start kicking and wiggling. The woman turns to Ila and the other two men. "Bring them both to the van. Let's get out of here in case the neighbours heard the screaming."

ila 03-04-2018 02:34 PM

I’m helpless as the third man grabs Shawn. The more I try to escape the grip of the man holding me the tighter he squeezes on my midriff. I can only watch as Shawn’s wrists and legs are bound and duct tape is brutally slapped onto her mouth to keep her quiet.

The woman’s next statement makes everything clear. This is not a robbery, but a kidnapping. Even though I couldn’t save Shawn it’s a good thing that I am with her. At least she won’t be alone while she’s held in captivity. The thought also crosses my mind that maybe I’ll find a way for us to escape or at least for her to escape.

Right after the blonde woman tells the men to get Shawn and me down to the van she pauses beside the shorter kidnapper and says, “Better grab his clothes,” and she points to me. “We don’t want anyone to know that she was taken along with someone else.”

Shawn is looking back towards me and the kidnappers as she’s carried out of the bedroom. Just before she disappears out the door the blonde kidnapper says, “You know, dearie, you should really get the lock fixed on your front door. It only took a think piece of plastic to jimmy it.” Then she laughed cruelly at Shawn.

The kidnapper holding me forces me to stand fully upright. As he does so he thrusts his hips against me. Once more I feel a bulge against me. This time I push my cuffed hands against the bulge and find out that it is a rock hard cock poking against me.

“That’s right,” the kidnapper says, “hold onto my cock. You and your girlfriend are soon going to be intimately acquainted with it.” Then he frog-marches me out of the bedroom, down the stairs, and out the front door.

By the time we get to the van Shawn has already been deposited on the floor just inside the back doors. I’m shoved in beside her. The kidnapper that carried out Shawn quickly ties both of us to a seat leg. The four kidnappers hop in the van and we speed off. Just before a blindfold is put over our eyes I notice that all the lights in Shawn’s house have been turned off, probably so as not to raise any suspicions.

princess shawn 03-05-2018 03:51 AM

With wide eyes, I watch Ila being forced into the van next to me. There are two kidnappers joining us inside the vehicle, with the other two in the front seats. A black strip of cloth is pulled over my eyes and tied at the back of my head, and I assume the same thing is done to Ila.

The van starts moving. The first thing I do is start struggling again, kicking at whatever is in front of me and stomping the floor of the van. "Mmmmph!" I shriek through the gag, "Mmmrrph! Mmuuumph!"

"Stop that!" I hear one of the kidnappers say. A pair of hands grab me by the ankles and pin them down. My hands continue to tug at the ropes around my wrists... until the feeling of cold hard steel pressing on the side of my neck makes me stop. The same voice says, "I'll slit your fucking throat if you keep pissing me off."

The other kidnapper sitting with us grabs Ila's cock. "Or maybe we cut off her boyfriend's cock. See how she likes that." He has the edge of his knife against the side of Ila's shaft, but withdraws it after a moment. "Nah, there's so much more fun to be had if we keep them both in one piece."

I feel the knife leaving my neck. The first man who spoke now says, "You're right. But better check with the boss lady first."

And so for the rest of the ride, I sit quietly with many thoughts racing through my mind. Should I cooperate until help, or an escape route, arrives? What will they do to us when the van reaches its destination? If I am their target, what will happen to Ila?

ila 03-05-2018 01:51 PM

As the van moves off I feel Shawn beside me moving around and kicking and then hear muffled sounds from her. I understand her desire to escape, but in our current bound, gagged, and naked predicament there is not much we can really do other than wait for a better opportunity.

The next thing I hear is a harsh voice demanding that she settle down. I immediately recognize that voice as belonging to the one that bound Shawn and carried her out. Something must have happened because she instantly goes quiet except for soft whimpers and sobs. I’m beyond frustrated because I can’t even hold her to comfort her.

I try to squirm around to get close to her and let her know I’m still with her. Before I can say or do anything I feel a hand on my cock and then cold metal. One of the kidnappers threatens to cut off my cock. I involuntarily shiver because I know that the metal I feel is a knife. Then the kidnapper speaks again. I know by his voice that it’s the same kidnapper that marched me out to the van.

The knife is withdrawn, but the kidnapper is still holding my cock. He starts stroking me up and down. Despite my predicament I soon have a raging hardon. He’s still slowly jerking me off when he says “Boss, can I fuck the boyfriend?”

“Not until I’m done with him,” the female kidnapper answers. “Now leave him alone and just watch him.”

Even though the kidnapper has been told to only watch me he keeps his hand on my cock alternately stroking and squeezing it.

A few seconds later Shawn’s captor says, “Can I fuck the girl, boss?”

The reply this time is harsher. “I told you before that no one touches the girl before I say so. You know what happens when you disobey.”

“Yes, boss,” he says sulkily.

Things go quiet in the van. The only noises are from the traffic outside and the breathing of the kidnappers. I finally manage to get my leg next to Shawn’s to let her know that I’m still with her.

Every couple of minutes the van makes a fast turn throwing around Shawn, me, and the two kidnappers. I’m quite sure we’re taking a circuitous route because of all the turns. It’s not long before I lose all sense of direction. After what seems like an eternity, but was probably a half hour or so, the van comes to a stop. I’m pretty sure we must be at our destination.

princess shawn 03-06-2018 04:17 AM

Then came the sound of the van's sliding door opening. The kidnappers untied us from the seat leg, while keeping our hands and legs bound. One of them lifts me over his shoulder and I feel myself being carried somewhere. The man in charge of Ila unties his legs and forces him to stand outside the vehicle.

"Go on, walk forward." he holds Ila by the arm and pulls him in the direction he wants him to go. Everything around us is quiet, no sounds of people or traffic.

After being carried for a while, I am lowered onto something that feels like a mattress. Soon afterwards, something landed on the same mattress; the kidnapper leading Ila had shoved him onto it roughly.

More footsteps approach us, then the sound of a door closing. The woman's voice is heard, "Take off the blindfolds." Her henchmen obey, and I take some time to let my eyes adjust when the blindfold comes off. I watch as the burly kidnapper does the same to Ila's blindfold.

We are in a plain room with concrete walls, a closed metal door and four chairs in front of us. There is only one window, blocked by iron bars, through which I can see lots of trees but not much else. The kidnappers each take a seat, with the woman sitting closest to the dirty white mattress that Ila and I are on. She is holding a phone with the back side facing us.

"Welcome to your new home." she says, drawing chuckles from the other kidnappers, "Now princess, look at me..." I do so and hear the click of her phone's camera. "Very good. I will send this picture to your dad along with the ransom demand. Let's see how much daddy will pay for your safe return. I think we should ask for... a million? Two million? How much is his little princess worth?"

I give her an angry glare in response. I'm actually terrified but I try my best not to show it.

"Aw, look at that. She's so cute." the tattooed man says with a laugh.

The woman turns to Ila. "What about you? You're her boyfriend, are you gonna do something about this?"

ila 03-07-2018 09:51 PM

I am looking around the room taking in the details when the woman kidnapper addresses me. It takes me a couple of seconds to process what she asked. I don’t have to think long about my reply. I look straight at the woman and try to reply, but the ball gag makes my words incomprehensible. I try again with the same result.

The woman looks at me disgustedly and then at the burly kidnapper. “Oh for heaven’s sake take that gag off him so I can understand his mumbles.”

The big muscled kidnapper runs his fingers over my back and up to the straps on the gag. He deftly undoes the buckles and the gag falls away. I work my jaw around for several seconds until I get the normal feeling back.

Once again I look straight at the woman and say, “If anyone of you so much as harms or tries to harm Shawn I will make you regret it for the rest of your life.”

“Awww, how cute,” she replies mockingly. “You’re outnumbered four to one and you’re going to protect your princess.”

The woman bends forward from her waist getting closer to the bed Shawn and I are on. “We’re going to have to see just how tough you are, boyfriend.” She said the last word with emphasis on boy and a touch of scorn in her voice. “Stand up,” she commands.

I give her a defiant stare instead of moving. She nods her head in the direction of the big, burly kidnapper. The next thing I know there is a big hand on my shoulder and I’m standing upright beside the bed.

“Normally I’d have you stripped naked to better control you, but that’s not necessary, is it,” the woman says. Then she stands up. For the first time I get a clear view of her. She’s about 5’ 9” tall. I can see strands of blonde hair coming out from underneath her balaclava. Like her cohorts she is wearing all black. Unlike her cohorts her t-shirt is tight, outlining shapely 36C breasts. I surreptitiously drop my gaze lower to see that she has a tight, tiny waist. As I look still lower I notice that she’s wearing tight sweatpants that reveal her 34 inch hips.

Then I notice something that I never expected. She appears to have a bulge in the front. I try not to give away where I’m looking, but I’m caught anyway. The woman shifts her weight from one leg to the other. As she does so my suspicions are confirmed. I can clearly see the shape of a cock down one pant leg.

I can’t help what happens next. My cock abruptly gets hard. There is no way I can hide my state. The woman pretends to ignore me, but I she keeps glancing down at my cock. Out of the corner of my eye I can see the burly kidnapper, who cuffed me, looking quite brazenly at my hard cock.

princess shawn 03-08-2018 03:08 AM

Eventually, the other two kidnappers notice Ila's hardness as well. The burly one grabs his arm to keep him upright. "Look at that. He likes what he sees." He points at Ila's cock and the others laugh. His thick fingers curl around the rigid shaft and begins stroking it with enough force to make Ila's entire body jerk back and forth.

"Oh, I think I will have a lot of fun with you." the woman says. She walks to Ila's side and places one hand on his buttcheeks. Without warning, she slips one of her fingers closer to his hole and strokes it gently, as if tickling it. "You want this, don't you? More than you want to protect your girlfriend?"

I watch what is going on with a frown. "Mmmurfp!" I let out a shriek of protest, trying to tell them to stop it.

"Does the princess not like it when we play with her boyfriend?" the woman taunts me, "Don't worry, we haven’t forgotten you." To the remaining two kidnappers who have been watching with mischievous grins, she says, "You guys make sure our lovely princess is... adequately entertained."

ila 03-09-2018 09:07 PM

I want to resist when the burly kidnapper starts jerking me off, but it feels too good for me to want to stop him. Then the woman touches my bum and I like it so much that my knees almost buckle. As one of her fingers touches my bumhole I try hard to stifle a moan of pleasure.

When the woman states more than asks if I want her cock I have to bite my lip to keep from blurting out that I do. At the same time I want to protect Shawn from the kidnappers, but I don’t have a plan. I know that we’re both going to get fucked and I’m repulsed and excited at the same time.

Before I can form an answer for the woman the shortest of the kidnappers says, “We know they like cock, boss. He was sucking princess’ cock like there was no tomorrow when we saw them when we peeked through the bedroom door and then they fucked like bunnies.”

I was incredibly aroused when I heard this. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and I liked the idea of being watched when I sucked Shawn’s cock and when we fucked. I was excited at the thought of doing the same to the two kidnappers beside me with the others watching. The burly kidnapper immediately felt my reaction. He squeezed my cock and said, “I’ll bet boyfriend wants to suck your cock, boss.”

That was true, but at the same time I was especially worried about Shawn and even moreso when the blonde woman told two of her followers to entertain Shawn. I really had no clue as to what to do. I managed to catch Shawn’s eyes. We traded looks of concern.

The shortest kidnapper headed for the door. As he did so he looked at his leader and said, “I’ve got just the thing to thoroughly entertain princess.” Then he let out a malevolent cackle as he disappeared out the door.

Now I was afraid for Shawn. This time she caught my eye and tried to reassure me with her look that she was going to be able to handle whatever happened. That look reassured me that we would get through this together.

Then my acceptance returned to worry when the shortest kidnapper returned pulling a six foot high an six foot wide, A-frame rack with him. It wasn’t just any rack. It was one specifically designed to tie a person to the frame. It had parallel, horizontal and vertical wooden bars spaced one foot apart. There were ropes hanging from each corner. Anyone tied to it would be spread-eagled. I was again fearful for Shawn.

princess shawn 03-10-2018 02:56 AM

I frown again, this time at Ila's apparent arousal. He is my date for today, I want to tell the woman, and the sight of someone else making him hard angers me. But after learning that the kidnappers had spied on us while we were fucking in my bedroom, I feel strangely satisfied. Having once held a party in which I was fucked in front of a large assembly of guests, all of whom were strangers, I am actually fine with letting people watch me do it. Even better if they like what they are seeing.

The woman orders Ila, "On your knees. I want to see what you can do with your mouth." The burly man pushes Ila's shoulders downward, forcing him to kneel in front of the woman. She undoes the strings of her sweatpants and slides them down to her ankles.

There, right in front of Ila's face, is a huge cock dangling between the woman's legs. It is not hard yet so she lifts the tip towards his mouth. "Open wide. You will suck it and not stop until I say so." she says with one hand running through Ila's hair.

I am about to protest again but the rack catches my attention. I am not hard at this point, still worried about what the kidnappers will do next, but the rack certainly looks inviting...

ila 03-10-2018 08:39 PM

There are two things I find exceedingly erotic. The first is when a woman tells me to suck a cock and it doesn’t matter to me whose cock. The second is when a woman tells me to spread my legs for a cock. When the woman told me to drop to my knees I was more than ready to comply. I let the muscular kidnapper push me down.

I lick my lips in anticipation as I watch the woman untie her sweatpants. She has to bend over at her waist to push them all the way down. As she straightens up her cock is exposed to me. Even in its flaccid state it’s bigger than average.

I open my mouth as commanded. As the woman lifts her cock to my mouth my own cock is vibrating with the excitement I am feeling at the thought of five people watching me suck cock. My hands were still cuffed behind me so I will have to satisfy the woman with my mouth only.

I kiss the tip of her cock tasting the smooth slipperiness of her pre-cum. I flick out my tongue tickling the small slit at the tip. I take the head of the woman’s cock into my mouth and suck hard then pull back my head releasing her cock with a loud popping sound. Once more I tskr the head of her cock in my mouth sucking gently on it. The woman lets out a sigh. I feel her cock grow causing her shaft to push farther into my mouth. I open wider taking in the full length of her hot, hard cock.

I glance up to see Shawn looking intently at the rack. Then I remember how much Shawn enjoyed being tied up during our last encounter. I could see that the kidnappers had unintentionally stumbled onto a prop that was guaranteed to get Shawn fully aroused. Already her cock was starting to get hard and she was unconsciously licking her lips.

princess shawn 03-11-2018 03:23 AM

Now fully erect, the woman's knees tremble and she holds Ila's head tighter. The tip of her cock reaches the back of his mouth where her cum drips down his throat. Once in a while, she pulls out to let him breathe, and in doing so giving him a glimpse of that shiny, wet tip ready to erupt.

"He is that good, huh?" the burly one says when he hears her moans. "Can I fuck him?"

"Not until I unload." she replies before resuming her thrusts into Ila's mouth. Going faster and harder now, her moans grow louder as well. At the same time, the burly man has pulled down his pants, tilting his head to check out Ila's ass with a curious look, as if wondering if he can fit inside. His large hands are glistening with some kind of lubricant that he rubs over his tanned, clean shaven shaft.

Finally, a spurt of the woman's warm juice fills up Ila's mouth. There is so much of it that she pulls out and sprays the rest over his face, finishing up by slapping him with her cock to shake off the remaining drops. "Aaaahhh..." she exclaims, then pats him on the head, "Much better than I expected. Now get up and bend over. It's his turn now." She lifts him to his feet by the arms.

The muscular kidnapper puts his hands on Ila's hips, playfully slapping the sides of the latter's buttcheeks. His cock is already on its way to full erection from watching his boss receive the hottest blowjob she ever had; it is like seeing a completely different side of her, less of a merciless thug and more like a slutty, perfectly feminine lady made docile by the satisfaction of her cravings. She is still panting as he pokes the tip of his cock at the outermost edge of Ila's hole.

Very slowly, he pushes in. "Let's see how wide I can stretch this hole." he says, grinning.

ila 03-11-2018 07:32 PM

The woman’s cock is probably the biggest I had ever sucked and she definitely gave me the biggest load I’d ever had. As she rubs her cock over my face and against my lips I hope for a repeat encounter and especially as she’s going to let her burly assistant fuck me.

I get to my feet with the assistance of the woman and bend over as ordered. Two hands are placed on my hips and pull me backwards. I feel a cock against my hole and I push against it. The head slips in causing my own cock to spring out to its full, throbbing length. Another push from the burly guy and his cock slides all the way into me. This feels better than ever because I’m about to get fucked with five other people to watch.

I raise my head to see that Shawn has been tied to the rack by the other two kidnappers. It is in a position that allows Shawn to see everything that is happening to me and I can see everything that is happening to her. The kidnappers tie her so that she is bent over with her head just above waist level and through one of the holes. Her ankles had been secured to each bottom corner and her arms are tied to each side at head level leaving her open to be easily invaded. We look directly at each other.

The two kidnappers with Shawn shed both their pants and their t-shirts. They are making sure that she gets a good look at each one’s cock as they taunt Shawn about how they’re going to fuck her with their monster cocks. I have to bite back a smirk because from what I can see the kidnappers each have a cock that is average to below average size.

Shawn and I look into each other’s eyes. I try to give her a reassuring look. It seems to works as she relaxes a bit. Then she tenses up as the tattooed kidnapper says, “I wonder how tight her hole is.” Tattooed man grabs Shawn by her hips to line up his cock against her hole.

The shortest kidnapper goes around in front of Shawn and climbs up on the lowest bar of the rack. “She had better suck cock as good as boyfriend,” he says and then lets out a menacing laugh. He shoves his hips hard against the rack. “Suck it, princess, and you had better be good.”

Tattoos pushes his cock into Shawn causing her to groan. Shorty shoves his cock between Shawn’s lips. The scene must excite the burly guy because he starts fucking me hard and fast. It feels so good that I can’t stifle my moans of pleasure.

Then a flash of inspiration hits me. I’m going to pretend that it’s Shawn fucking me. “Oooh, yeah, fuck me, Shawn,” I moan. “That feels so good. You feel so good. Fuck me harder, princess. Ooooohhhh, yeah, fuck yeah.”

I can’t see Shawn because shorty is blocking the view, but I hope she catches on to what I’m doing.

princess shawn 03-12-2018 03:27 AM

As the other two kidnappers tie me to the rack, I am not resisting. I simply allow them to untie my hands from behind my back and retie them to the rack. The process alone makes me excited and it shows on the gradual rising of my cock. By the time I feel the bindings wrap snugly around my wrists and ankles, my cock is fully hard, ready for some attention.

I watch Ila get fucked by the burly one. He is looking at me too, seemingly enjoying what he is going through. Somehow, I don't think that is the kidnappers' intention. Ila's look of reassurance puts me at ease; maybe, from the sucking and fucking, he has let the kidnappers know that we are more useful alive and healthy than dead or injured.

While the tattooed guy stands behind me with his cock ready, the short one tears the tape from my mouth. I take in a deep breath but say nothing. Tattooed guy's cock enters my tight little hole. I grit my teeth at first, waiting till he is halfway in before my mouth opens wide with a loud moan. Short guy thrusts his cock into my mouth and I tighten my lips around his throbbing shaft. Slurping sounds came to the rhythm of his cock's back and forth movements together with tattooed guy's more deliberate penetrations.

Meanwhile, the burly man continues fucking Ila forcefully. His grip tightens around Ila's waist to keep him in the same position. It is then that Ila starts calling my name, pretending that it is me who is fucking him. Though I cannot say anything in response, with short guy's cock in my mouth, I mentally pretend that it is Ila's cock I am sucking.

As for who I will pretend is fucking me... I don't know. Red, perhaps?

The woman crouches in front of Ila's face. "I don't know what you're trying to do this time, but I want a piece of it. Not now, later when I'm ready to squirt again." She slips off her shirt, then her bra, exposing a pair of plump, bouncy breasts. Each time burly guy rams Ila in the rear, he shoves him forward face-first into those boobs, letting him touch the nipples with his lips or tongue without really getting a taste of them.

ila 03-12-2018 07:26 PM

Even though I can no longer see everything happening with Shawn the noises I can hear give me a good indication. I see the short kidnapper move a hand towards Shawn’s face then there is a ripping sound. I know that the tape has been pulled, quite forcefully it seems, from Shawn’s mouth. Shorty thrusts his hips forward and there is a muffled sound from Shawn. I can tell she’s now got shorty’s cock in her mouth.

Behind Shawn I see tattooed man move around. She makes another muffled sound indicating to me that she has a cock in her cute, little bottom. Then her moans as well as the slapping of skin on skin confirms for me that she is getting fucked.

Rather than being upset about it I am amazingly aroused. I push back against burly guy’s cock as he rhythmically fucks me. I moan and call out Shawn’s name even louder telling her to fuck me harder.

Before I know what’s happening the woman has removed her t-shirt and bra exposing her big boobs. I can tell my plan to keep Shawn and me alive, by showing the kidnappers that it’s better to use us than dispose of us, is working when the woman says she’s going to fuck me, but first she holds up her boobs so that my face goes into them every time burly guy rams his cock into me.

My thoughts are further confirmed when shorty lets out a big groan. He turns around on the rack pulling his cock out of Shawn’s mouth and says, “Boss, I want to fuck boyfriend too.”

“Don’t be so impatient,” the woman answers back. “You can have him tomorrow or the day after. Everyone will get their turn with both of them.”

The woman looks up at burly guy and says, “Take those cuffs off him.” She jerks her head to indicate me. “I want those hands on my boobs.”

Burly guy stops fucking me long enough to reach down to his sweatpants. He pulls out a small key and unlocks my cuffs. I drop my arms straight down. The relief is immense. Before I can work out the kinks burly guy has his cock back in me and the woman takes my wrists to place my hands on each side of her soft boobs.

As Shawn can now speak I’m gratified to hear her say my name and how much she loves sucking my cock. To my surprise she calls out Red’s name saying to fuck her harder and how much she loves his cock in her. I immediately catch on that she’s copying me. I find it interesting that she mentions Red’s name as I hadn’t seen or heard from him since the night of Shawn’s party.

During this time I hadn’t noticed that the short guy had momentarily slipped out of the room. He was back again. He walks between me and Shawn while holding up a leather belt so that she can see it. As he gets to the back of Shawn he tells tattooed guy to hurry up because he wasn’t satisfied with how she sucked his cock and wants to teach her a lesson.

I had stopped massaging the big boobs I was holding onto, but the woman drags my attention back to her by grasping my chin in one hand and forcing me to look at her. Still I manage to keep an eye on shorty.

Tattooed guy looks at shorty and the belt and says, “Fine, but I get to supervise.”

I’m somewhat mollified knowing that there is a power struggle going on between those two and Shawn is not likely to be hurt. She likes playful discipline, but I get ready to break away from burly guy and the woman in case I have to protect Shawn.

princess shawn 03-13-2018 03:34 AM

Visibly annoyed that Ila keeps turning towards me, the woman tightens her hold on his chin and pushes her breasts in his face. "No no no, you belong to me now. Let those guys have the princess." To Shorty and tattooed guy, she says, "Remember, she's no use to us if she's hurt. Hitting her isn't going to get us the money faster."

Burly guy chimes in, "But we get to do whatever we want to the boyfriend." He resumes ramming Ila in the ass, one hand now reaching around Ila's waist to give his cock a squeeze. Between thrusts, he strokes the cock, alternating between a gentle motion and vigorous jerking. The woman makes sure Ila's attention remains solely focused on her and not me, constantly holding his hands to her boobs and rubbing his fingers over her nipples.

Without warning, Burly guy unloads a river of cum into Ila's hole. He pulls out, satisfied with the result, and watches the hot juice flow out from Ila's ass. He slaps Ila hard on both buttcheeks as a congratulatory gesture. "If we're in prison, you'll be my bitch." he says with a laugh.

My eyes shift between Ila and the short guy holding the belt. The idea of anyone being unhappy with my cocksucking is unheard of, so either I had been too distracted by my thoughts of Ila and Red to really put my lips and tongue to good use, or Shorty has other reasons for wanting to hit me. I did not even taste his cum when he had his cock in my mouth.

I hear what the woman is telling Shorty and tattooed guy, and say to them, "That's right. Dad won't pay you if you hurt me. You need me in one piece." To be honest, it is not the fear of pain that makes me say that, but the fear of Shorty going too far and using the belt for genuine torture rather than a kinky beating.

ila 03-13-2018 07:38 PM

I can no longer see what is happening to Shawn as my face is being held in the woman’s boobs. I admit to myself that they are nice boobs, but not nearly as shapely or as firm as Shawn’s. I’d far rather have my face between her breasts as well as sucking and licking her hard nipples.

I’m happy to hear the woman tell the other kidnappers to not hurt Shawn, but then I tense up when burly guy says they’re allowed to do anything to me. As I tense up my ass clamps tightly on burly’s cock causing him to shoot his load into me. I feel spurt after spurt jetting into me.

To throw the kidnappers off their rhythm and try to take psychological control away from them I moan loudly and start talking. My voice is somewhat muffled because my face is still pressed into the woman’s boobs. “Oh, yeah, Shawn. Fuck that feels good. Fill me full of your love juice, princess.”

I push back against burly guy hoping to give him a sense of emasculation by referring to him as Shawn. My tactic doesn’t seem to work as he pulls out, slaps my ass, and tells me he would fuck me again. I can feel his warm load slowly running down one leg. In my current position I can do nothing about it.

I can hear Shawn talking and although I can’t see her I know by the tone of her voice and her words that she is still alright. I’m actually feeling a good deal of pride in how she’s handling herself. Then I hear the whistle of leather in the air followed by a sharp crack. No sound comes from Shawn so I know the belt didn’t touch her.

There are a couple more sharp cracks from the belt. At the next crack I hear leather connecting with skin followed by a short yelp from Shawn. I know she’s been struck, but I don’t know how hard. I struggle to break free from the woman’s boobs, but two pairs of hands holds my head in place. I hear leather on skin once more, but only a quiet groan this time.

The next thing I hear is a stern voice saying, “Not so hard. Are you trying to injure princess? Next time I’ll do more than just trap your wrist.” I recognize the voice as belonging to tattooed guy. So it appears he’s semi-protecting Shawn.

The next voice I hear is the woman’s. “Shorty, get over here,” she commands. “I’m going to fuck boyfriend and you’re going to keep his mouth quiet by shoving your cock in it.” There is a short pause and the woman continues, “Princess is all yours. She seems to enjoy our toys so have at her boys, but don’t damage her.”

Burly guy moves towards Shawn so I can only assume that the last from the woman was addressed to him and tattoos. I try to see Shawn, but my vision is blocked by the woman leaving and shorty replacing her. I can only wonder what is in store for Shawn.

princess shawn 03-14-2018 03:04 AM

The first strike of the belt hit the rack's frame. I flinch in response. Shorty wants to demonstrate how hard he can hit and repeats the same move a couple more times, while moving around the rack towards my rear end.

A sharp pain shot through my buttcheeks and I give a short cry of pain. Shorty whipped me with full force as he had done to the rack. He does it again and I groan in response, prompting a reprimand from Tattooed guy. I don't usually let anyone hit me, it is not one of my turn-ons, but I don't mind a little spanking or paddling if I am forced to take it.

Then the woman orders Shorty to join her while Burly guy comes to me. Shorty passes the belt to him and lifts the tip of his cock to Ila's lips. It is still dry, but that will change. "Open wide." he says, shoving his cock deep into Ila's mouth, "This will shut you up. You wanna try calling Princess' name now, bitch?" From behind Ila, the woman strokes her cock in preparation for fucking him. Her right hand fingers his hole, getting a coat of Burly guy's cum on her fingertips in the process, before pushing her index finger inside and wiggling around the tight interior of Ila's anus.

But before using her cock, with her finger still exploring Ila's ass, she says to him, "If I were you, I'll stop trying to piss off your captors. Trust me, we can make your stay here a lot less comfortable."

ila 03-14-2018 05:51 PM

Apparently I’ve gone too far in trying to take control away from the kidnappers. Boss woman is reasserting her dominance. Shorty, as commanded, shoves his cock into my mouth. His tool isn’t big so I easily take his full length. I start slowly bobbing my head up and down on his shaft. Shorty’s hostile talk soon turns to moans of pleasure.

Behind me the woman is fingering my ass while telling me that I had better smarten up. Her gruff talk doesn’t match her actions though. She is being quite gentle with her fingers. Her other hand is caressing my buttcheeks.

As the woman’s fingers withdraw from inside me I feel her cock replacing them. First I feel her cockhead against me. She pushes a bit widening my entrance. Another push and most of her cock is in me. Once more and I’ve got all of her cock in my ass. I can feel her warm hips against me.

The whole time the woman is pushing her cock into me she keeps up a non-stop tirade of what she’s going to do to me. As she gets the last of her cock in she suddenly stops talking, lets out her breath, and says, “Damn, you’re tight. Hey, Princess, I’m going to keep your boyfriend as my fuck toy. What do you think of that?” Then she starts fucking me.

I can’t believe how good the woman’s cock feels. She’s not the biggest I’ve ever taken, but she’s close to it and she really knows how to fuck. I’m soon moaning with the pleasure that she’s giving me. I push back against her to meet her when she strokes in and I move forward as she pulls out. All the while her hands are roaming over my back and butt.

I’m not able to see what the other two kidnappers are doing with Shawn, but I can still hear their voices. With the pleasure the woman is giving me as well as the noises from her fucking me it’s not easy to make out what the kidnappers are saying. I can only pickup portions of what’s being said.

What I do pick up is burly guy saying he’s going to fuck Shawn, but first he needs to teach her a lesson. I hear the belt crack a couple of times and then, just once, there’s the smack of leather on skin. It actually sounds like a gentle slap. Shawn yelps more in surprise than pain. The woman once again interrupts her monologue to me to warn the others to be gentle with Shawn.

There is silence from over by Shawn. Fortunately shorty moves at that moment giving me a brief glimpse of Shawn. Burly guy is on his knees behind her kissing her cute bottom. Tattoos has his head between the two sides of the rack and it looks like he’s got his mouth on Shawn’s cock. Shorty moves again blocking my view of Shawn.

princess shawn 03-15-2018 12:26 AM

I am about to reply to the woman, ready to shout to her that Ila is mine, but the sharp pain of the belt against my bare butt makes me yelp again. It hurts, of course, just not so much that it feels like torture. I can imagine my buttcheeks jiggling from each strike, gradually turning redder, more sensitive when touched. Burly guy is going easy on me as ordered by his boss.

And then he plants his lips on my tender ass. His kisses land on the very same spots he had struck with the belt, and I tug at the ropes in response. Apparently aroused by my helpless struggles, Tattooed guy is now between my legs sucking my cock. I look down at him and see that he is stroking his own cock at the same time. "Mmmm..." I moan with eyes closed.

Still, I know both Ila and I cannot stay here as their fuck toys forever. I lean as far as the rack allows to look at Ila in the eyes, no easy feat with Shorty between us. I mouth the words, "Help me.", hoping that he sees it and has a plan. Fortunately, it seems the woman, the only kidnapper facing me, is too busy pushing into Ila's hole to notice what I am doing.

Shorty's cock is now fully erect, but not yet on the verge of spewing his load. He follows his boss' movements, letting her thrusts push Ila forward into his cock, then following up by ramming his cock into Ila's mouth to force him back towards the woman.

ila 03-15-2018 08:22 PM

The woman’s cock driving in and out of me feels incredible. I’m not as equally enthusiastic about having to suck shorty’s cock, but I know it will be worse for me and Shawn if I don’t do it. I also can’t go on for much longer getting fucked nor can I let Shawn continue to be abused. I need to do something about our predicament.

I force my mind to concentrate on a solution. Just then shorty moves enough that I catch another glimpse of Shawn. It is long enough for me to see her mouthing ‘help me.’ I have to act now.

I push back hard against the woman and tighten my butt muscles on her cock. At the same time I suck harder and faster on shorty’s cock. The woman gives me a couple more thrusts and then drives deep and hard into me. I hear her grunt. She shakes her hips. I can feel her orgasm shooting into me.

Shorty’s breathing is rapid and shallow. He clenches his fists, groans, and the first squirt of his load shoots into my mouth. I manage to swallow it and then get three more quick blasts. The woman gives me a fast jab with her cock and then holds still. She half slumps against me lightly running the fingers of one hand over my back and caressing my butt with her other hand.

Shorty lets his cock slip out of my mouth. I am finally free to speak again. I half turn my head and say to the woman, “You had better untie Shawn and let her rest undisturbed. If you hurt or abuse her too much her family may pay the ransom, but they’ll be sure to go after you until they find you and hold you responsible. If you treat her well her family may be satisfied with getting her back and not pursue any justice against you.”

“Shut up,” the woman answers irritably. “I’ll make the decisions around here.”

A few moments later the woman stands upright, pulling her slowly softening cock out of me. “Alright you two, princess has had enough for tonight. You,” and she points at tattooed guy, “take princess to the shower and let her clean up. And don’t try anything with her. Just make sure she showers and doesn’t try to escape then bring her back here.”

Tattoos reluctantly gets up from his position to untie Shawn. He unties her and as he escorts Shawn out of the room the woman says to me, “You, boyfriend, may not be as lucky. I’ll decide later if you’re even allowed to shower. In the meantime shorty is going to watch you until princess gets back.”

The woman puts a fingertip to her lips as she thinks about her next move. She nods her head towards burly guy and says, “Let’s go. We’ve got plans to make.” Just before the two of them go out the bedroom door she looks back and says to me. “You had better behave, boyfriend.” Then she says to shorty, “Just watch boyfriend. Don’t do anything to him. We’ll be back by the time princess is done in the shower.”

princess shawn 03-17-2018 03:16 AM

Tattooed guy leads me by the arm to a bathroom further down the hallway, without even getting dressed first. I use this chance to take a look around the building's interior, noting a few other doors along the same hallway, all closed. I turn my head and see a larger room, like a living room with a table in the center and some chairs, as well as a door next to a window with bars. Most likely the main entrance, I think to myself, but the way the table and chairs are set up indicates that is where the kidnappers will be hanging out when not watching us.

A door at the end of the hallway is pushed open and Tattooed guy shoves me inside. It is a small bathroom with a shower and a toilet. A tattered towel hangs on the wall. I turn the water on, then jump at how cold it is.

"Aw, is it too cold for Princess?" Tattooed guy laughs.

I mutter under my breath, "Asshole." Stepping under the shower, I let the water wash away the sweat and any pre-cum that might have leaked out earlier. He watches with a smile on his face, which makes me constantly look over my shoulder at him to see if he is still standing at the doorway. After I am done, he tosses the towel to me and I wipe myself, noticing as I am doing so that his cock is still hard. From watching me shower, I bet.

He grabs my arm again and takes me down the same hallway back into room where Ila is. Shorty is still there keeping an eye on Ila, but the woman and burly guy are gone. Tattoos releases my arm. With an angry glare, I walk Ila's side, but we are only together for a second before Shorty yanks him away from me, saying, "Your boyfriend needs to shower too. He just got a really good workout from us. Isn't that right, boyfriend?"

"I'll watch Princess until the boss gets back." Tattooed guy says. I sit down on the mattress, my eyes on Ila as he is taken out of the room. Thoughts of escaping race through my mind, none of them giving me a good idea of how to escape. The windows are all blocked and there appears to be only one door which the kidnappers will probably be guarding. Unless the building has another exit somewhere...

ila 03-17-2018 07:59 PM

Shorty keeps one eye on me while Shawn is gone and another eye on the bedroom door. I get the impression that he is pissed off because he has to watch me when he would rather be watching Shawn. There is quite possibly a bit of jealousy or protectiveness towards her I think. This may be something I could exploit.

I’m relieved when Shawn returns a few minutes later. She comes straight to me and I put my arms around her. Despite our captivity and being watched, Shawn is so sexy and gorgeous that I get an instant hard-on. Our reunion is short lived. Shorty pulls me away to take me to the shower.

As I walk down the hallway I notice several other rooms all with their doors closed. The only room of note appears to be a livingroom right off the main entrance. I’m dismayed to see bars on an outside window. I assume that all other windows will be the same. I conclude that it’s not going to be easy for Shawn and me to escape, provided an opportunity should ever arise.

Shorty reaches around my side and opens the door in front of me when we get to the end of the hallway. He gives me a push inside and tells me to shower. Before stepping into the shower I take a glance around. There is a toilet, a shower, and nothing else; not even a window.

The water is still warm, no doubt because this is the shower that Shawn used. I turn the water on full and start soaping down myself. As I turn around to face out towards where shorty is standing I notice that again he is only half watching me. He keeps looking down the hallway towards where Shawn is being held. ‘Yep, there is definitely something there to exploit,’ I think.

I finish washing myself and quickly rinse off. I don’t want to leave Shawn alone. As the water is turned off shorty throws a towel to me. It is damp so I figure it’s the same one that Shawn had to use.

Shorty doesn’t wait for me to finish drying off. He grabs my arm and pulls me out into the hallway. He doesn’t say a thing to me as he pushes me along down the hallway. I make a mental note of his anxiety. I decide that he is the weak link in the chain.

As I re-enter the bedroom I see that boss lady and burly guy are back. They are standing off to one side and talking in low voices. Tattoos is still watching Shawn, but at the same time he keeps glancing at the other two.

I head right to Shawn and embrace her. This time no one pulls us apart. Instead shorty and tattoos step over to the woman and burly guy. They talk in low voices for about a minute with occasional glances at Shawn and me. I try to listen to what they’re saying, but all I can make out is ransom and guarding.

The four kidnappers abruptly halt their conversation. Burly guy says to tattoos, “You take the first watch. Shorty will replace you in two hours and then I’ll replace him.”

The kidnappers, except for tattoos, head off out the bedroom. I assume tattoos is going to sit in the bedroom to guard me and Shawn. I take Shawn’s hand and lead to the bed. If we’re going to escape we’re first of all going to need some rest.

As we lay down on the bed tattoos throws a blanket at us and then walks out. I can’t believe our luck. Are the kidnappers really so stupid as to not tie us up and gag us as well as to give us their guard schedule? Tattoos closes the door behind him, but he has left the light turned on.

When I’m sure we’re alone I wrap Shawn in my arms and whisper to her that it might be a setup, but as the kidnappers didn’t tie or gag us they aren’t thinking clearly and we need to take advantage of the situation. Then I ask her if she saw a way to get out or learned anything while I was gone.

princess shawn 03-18-2018 04:06 AM

While Ila was showering, Tattooed guy watched me as I sat on the bed, soon joined by the woman and burly guy. There is some talk between them about how to send the ransom demand to my dad, how much it should be and what to do in the meantime. The woman though seems to be quite interested in Ila, mentioning that they should keep him after the ransom is paid and make him their fuck toy. In fact, it looks like she knows I can hear her and makes sure I am aware of that part.

Burly guy and Tattoos on the other hand have a slightly different idea. "I say we keep Princess after the ransom comes in." Tattoos says to the boss lady, "A piece of ass like that is hard to find. Besides, if we let her go, she'll run to the police."

"Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too." Burly guy says, "We don't release her or her boyfriend. Then we can fuck them all day."

At that point, Ila and Shorty return. I embrace Ila while the kidnappers continue their conversation, this time with Shorty joining in. The subject returns briefly to the ransom amount, which the woman suggests should be a million dollars; the more they want from dad, the longer it will take to deliver it. Next, they decide on their guarding duties, with Burly guy assigning Tattoos as the first one to guard the room we are in.

When we are left alone in the room and the door is locked, I whisper to Ila about everything I have heard. "They won't let us go after getting the money." I tell him, "We have to get out of here, but I don't see a way out." I am as puzzled as Ila is about the kidnappers not tying us up, thinking that maybe they are letting their guard down. No, that is what they want us to think.

Unless they really are relaxing themselves after a long fucking session, and forgot the extra precautions to stop us from escaping. I whisper, "The rest of them are either sitting in the living room, near the front door, or they are sleeping. On my way to the showers, I saw some closed doors along the hallway. If those are bedrooms, maybe the others are sleeping inside. If we can knock tattooed guy out, we can leave through the front door."

But then, I tell Ila, "That's if the others are in those rooms, and not sitting in the living room."

ila 03-18-2018 07:36 PM

The news that Shawn has is very interesting. I know that the woman and burly guy are sexually interested in me or at least I think so because of the way they handled me. I also know that all three guys are interested in Shawn.

As Shawn tells me about the kidnappers’ plan to keep us and the ransom I feel her body tense up. I hold her closer to me and tell her that we’re going to escape. At the moment I don’t have a clue how, but I have to at least get Shawn out of here and to a safe place.

Shawn gives me an outline of what she saw when she was taken to the shower and her analysis of it all. It pretty well matches with my own assessments. Shawn suggests we knock out tattooed guy and try to make our escape. I tell her that it’s not that easy to knock out someone. Our best bet is to wait awhile and hope that whoever is guarding us falls asleep. Then we can try to quietly get out.

Fortunately Shawn trusts me and agrees to my plan. We hold each other tightly and soon Shawn falls into a light sleep. I try to stay awake, but end up drifting in and out of sleep. I suddenly wake up. I’m not sure how long I was asleep, but I know I have to act now.

I gently caress Shawn’s cheek until she wakes up. She stretches pushing her warm, lithe, feminine body against me. I can’t help my next reaction. My cock goes rock hard. If it wasn’t for our predicament I’m quite sure would have made love right then. Instead we supress our urges.

I put my finger to my lips to indicate to Shawn that she should remain quiet. I get up and go to the bedroom door. I put my ear against it and listen intently. I can hear a low snoring sound on the other side. ‘Good,’ I think, ‘our guard is sleeping.’

I do a quick search around the room mainly concentrating on the window area hoping to find a way out. I’m dismayed to find that it’s solidly barred. It looks like our only chance is to go out through the bedroom door, sneak past our guard, and try the main door.

I go back to the door and press my ear against it. I can still hear the snoring on the other side. I test the doorknob and it easily turns. I pull on the door and to my surprise it isn’t locked. I was sure that the kidnappers’ had locked it, but maybe I had heard wrong.

I beckon Shawn to me. As she comes up beside me I tell that the door is unlocked and our guard is sleeping. We’ll sneak past him and try the door both of us had seen in the livingroom. I slowly pull the door open to see that it is shorty guarding us and he is sound asleep.

Shawn and I silently slip past him. We get two steps beyond when shorty suddenly snorts. I fear we’re caught, but then shorty starts snoring again. Shawn and I tiptoe down the hallway. Our luck is still holding. There’s no one in the livingroom. Even better is that all the bedroom doors are closed.

We make it to the main door and still there isn’t a sound from anywhere. I have feeling that we’re going to get out. Then just as I turn the doorknob our luck changes.

Shorty is standing at the hallway entrance to the livingroom. He laughs and says, “So you thought you and princess were going to escape.” He laughs again and then in a loud voice he says, “Boss, our prisoners thought they would leave us.”

Seconds later the woman comes out into the hallway. I’m surprised to see that she is still naked except for her balaclava. “That’s not very nice of you to leave without saying goodbye,” she says.

I note that there’s no rancour in her voice. I start to suspect that Shawn was right. We were set up to try to make an escape. The woman laughs and her next statement confirms my suspicions. “Throw them back in the bedroom, Shorty, and lock the door. We’ll make them pay for this later on today.”

princess shawn 03-19-2018 03:02 AM

Shorty marches up and grabs me by the wrist so roughly that it hurts. I try to pull away but he forces me back into the bedroom. "Can't believe you two fell for it." he says, "You actually thought I forgot to lock the door. Well, not this time. I'll even remember to tie you and your boyfriend up too." After throwing me back onto the bed, he watches as the woman does the same to Ila.

Burly guy and Tattoos show up moments later with rope and duct tape. The woman tells them, "Tie them up. Make sure they're not going anywhere." Burly guy ties my hands and legs while Tattoos does the same to Ila. Both Ila and I are silenced with a strip of tape across our lips.

"So what is their punishment for trying to escape?" Shorty asks the boss lady.

"I'll tell you in the morning. You will all love it." she replies, gesturing to the three men to follow her out of the bedroom. There is the sound of the door being locked, followed by their footsteps trailing off. I look at Ila before struggling and squirming on the bed, but the ropes only bite deeper into my wrists and ankles when I try to slip out of them. Eventually, fatigue sets in and I rest my head on his shoulder. Whatever they have planned for us, it is better to get some sleep first.

We are both awakened in the morning by the woman. The other kidnappers are standing at the doorway. Tattoos is holding a tripod with a camcorder mounted on top, which he sets up facing the bed. The woman sits on the bed between me and Ila, placing an arm around each of us. "You two make such a lovely couple. I think the whole world needs to know how well you can fuck each other." she says, "Boyfriend, fuck the princess. We will film it and put it up all over the internet."

When I hear this, I shake my head and start to protest, "Nnnmmmph! Nnnmmrrph!"

"See, Princess loves the idea. Go on, boyfriend. Do it." The woman unties my legs, then Ila's. Burly guy moves me into the right position on the bed, faced down with my butt facing Ila. Both of them step backwards, away from the camera.

ila 03-19-2018 07:11 PM

Tied up, bound, and gagged both Shawn and I are completely helpless. I can’t believe I was so gullible as think that it was going to be easy to escape. As the kidnappers leave the room I try to convey my feelings to Shawn for getting her in such difficulty. I can tell Shawn understands when she snuggles up to me and rests her head on my shoulder.

I’m frustrated that I can’t at least put an arm around Shawn to hold her protectively nor can I kiss her to give her some comfort. And yet my body reacts unexpectedly. With Shawn snuggled against me I’ve got a throbbing, hard cock. I’m almost embarrassed until I feel Shawn’s cock against me. She too is hard. There’s clearly nothing Shawn and I can do about what has come up and we soon fall asleep.

The next thing I know we’re being woken up by the woman kidnapper. It takes me a bit of time realize what is going on. Shawn protests when we’re told that we’re going to fuck and the video will be put up on the internet.

I shake my head no in my own protest. I’m not concerned about me, but I don’t want Shawn exposed on the internet. I’m determined to not do anything to comply with the kidnappers’ demands.

The boss woman unties us. Then burly guy flips Shawn around exposing her cute, little bottom to me. I object even louder making muffled noises through the tape.

The woman is beside the camera now and facing us. “Your voice says you won’t, but your body says you will” she states and points at my cock which once more has gotten rock hard at the sight of Shawn’s beautiful, firm, perfect body.

I see my protest isn’t going to work so I have to change tactics. Then it hits me. I can still be in driver’s seat. The kidnappers will make sure they won’t be seen in the video and I can make sure that Shawn’s face is not shown.

I twist around my upper body to indicate that I need my arms untied if I’m expected to perform. At the same time I make loud noises to get the tape taken off my mouth. The camera is going to have audio so I have to make them want to record the sounds that Shawn and I make.

Burly guy catches on to what I’m doing. He looks at the boss and she nods her head to give him the go ahead to untie me. As soon as the ropes are off me he pulls the tape from my mouth. He wasn’t gentle and it stings a bit. I move my lower jaw a couple of times to get back the feeling and then tell the kidnappers that Shawn has to be untied and the tape taken off her too.

As burly guy is about to remove Shawn’s bonds tattooed guy says, “Don’t trust them too far, boss. I just know they’re gonna try something stupid.”

“We’ll watch them closely while they fuck,” she says. “You,” indicating tattoos, “stand on the right side of the bed and you,” indicating burly guy, “stand on the left side of the bed. And make sure you stay out of the view of the camera.”

As soon as her two cronies are in position she says, “Now fuck!!!”

I drape my body over Shawn’s and use my arms to cover the sides of her face. My cock slips in between her smooth, firm, little bottom cheeks and comes up against her entrance. I stop.

princess shawn 03-20-2018 11:07 PM

I remain in that position, turning my head to see that Ila has been untied and his gag removed. The kidnappers will not do the same to me though, probably still cautious after last night's escape attempt.

The woman gives the order to start fucking me. I see Shorty operating the camera, a finger pressing the record button. Ila pokes his stiff cock on my hole but does not go in yet. That is when I see what he is doing: trying to cover my face with his hands so that it will not be captured by the camera. At the same time, he is letting his own face be exposed. How noble of him! Under normal circumstances, I will be so turned on by this gesture.

However, the kidnappers realise what he is doing too. Shorty hits the stop button and the camera stops recording. Burly guy forcefully pulls Ila's hands away from my face. "What the hell are you doing?" he asks, "We want Princess' face in the video. You keep messing with us like that, we'll tie you up again."

Meanwhile, Tattoos leaves the room for a moment and returns with a tube of lubricant. He tosses it onto the bed next to Ila. "Use this. Rub this over your cock, while the camera is rolling, before you fuck. Hell, you can even put some of it inside Princess' hole."

"And don't waste our time. Things will only get worse for you two if you piss us off again." the woman adds. She gently strokes Ila's cock to ensure it stays hard, and withdraws before he can start squirting. "Now fuck her! And don't cover her face this time. We want the whole world to see who it is." The kidnappers return to their previous positions. Shorty hits the record button again.

ila 03-21-2018 06:37 PM

I’ve got no choice now. I’ve got to fuck Shawn and I can’t protect her identity. This would normally be the most pleasurable experience I could ever imagine. It would even be more erotic, because we’re being watched, if it weren’t for the nefarious purpose of this.

I easily slide into Shawn’s bum. She’s so tight that the feeling in my cock is exquisite. I try to take my time and protect Shawn as much as possible, but I’m soon thrusting hard and fast into her. I feel Shawn reacting to my plunges. Both of us are soon moaning with pleasure. Shawn’s moans are muffled because of her gag, but it doesn’t stop her from pushing back against me every time I push into her.

It’s not long before I feel a pleasurable tingling that starts in my toes and quickly works its way up my legs. I’m close to coming, but instead I stop and pull out of Shawn. I start kissing her cute, little bottom. At the same time I manage to manoeuvre her around so that I’m between her and the camera.

Shawn starts wiggling her hips back and forth as I tongue and kiss her bum cheeks. She lifts her bum up to give me easier access. I slip a hand between her legs where I find her cock is rock hard and pointing straight up towards her tummy.

I can never resist taking care of a hard cock so I twist around so I’m on my back and between Shawn’s legs. I raise my head up enough to kiss the tip of her cock. I take the head of Shawn’s cock into my mouth and then pull back quickly making a loud popping sound as her cock is released from between my lips. I do this twice more and then take her full length all the way in my mouth to my throat.

I slide my mouth along Shawn’s cock going faster and faster. I love sucking cock and I especially love sucking Shawn’s cock. She quickly gets into the rhythm with me and soon starts fucking my mouth. I don’t realize it at first, but I’m moaning with pleasure. My own cock is throbbingly hard and bouncing around as it leaks pre-cum in a steady stream.

Shawn rams her cock into my mouth and holds it there. I feel her first blast of sperm hit the back of my throat. I swallow just in time to get three more big spurts. Shawn gives one more little push with her hips and then a couple of wiggles. I drain her cock until she slumps down on my face.

As Shawn’s cock slowly goes flaccid I hear the kidnappers talking. Obviously the camera has been turned off so maybe I’ve managed to shield Shawn from too much exposure. Just after Shawn’s cock slips out of my mouth I hear the female kidnapper addressing me.

“So you like to suck cock, do you, boyfriend,” she states more than asks. “Don’t try to deny it. I saw, or rather we all saw, how hard your cock was when you sucked off Princess.”

I lay still between Shawn’s legs, not wanting to move and give away any information.

“I think we’ll find out just how much you like sucking cock. You’re going to suck off all of us, boyfriend,” the boss says, “and Princess is going to watch.”

princess shawn 03-21-2018 11:17 PM

Despite the situation, I find myself succumbing to Ila's masterful fucking. I moan through the gag, my body tenses and arcs with each thrust going deep inside my ass, and I lift my rear end to help him go even deeper. In no time, my cock gets hard. Ila notices and moves me on top of him so that he can suck it; the sudden pulling out of his cock and shift in position makes me squeal in surprise, but I start moaning again when he takes my cock into his mouth.

My dear Ila shall be rewarded. I let him suck for a while longer. My breathing quickens, I tilt my head back... and unload a spurt of my hot cum. Each time I squirt into his mouth, I shake my cock with my hips and thrust gently into his face to get every drop out. By the time my cock is empty, I fall forward on his face, panting. I know I shouldn't be enjoying it at this time, with a camera pointing at us, but I cannot help it. Ila fucks and sucks like no other man I have been with. Even the thought of what we just did being uploaded to the net does not deter us.

It is only seconds later, when I glance over at the kidnappers, that I realise the camera is no longer running. Visibly amused by what happened, or maybe surprised by the fervour we showed, they are talking among themselves before the woman gives her latest order: Ila will suck the entire gang and I will be forced to watch. I suppose she wants me to get jealous, but if I can talk, I will tell her I am not. After all, Ila just sucked me dry. It's not like I can do any more squirting for a while.

Burly guy ties my legs again so that I cannot go anywhere. Tattoos tells Ila to kneel on the floor. When he does so, the kidnappers form a circle around him, with enough space between them to let me see what is going on while I sat on the bed. At almost the same time, they pull their pants down to their ankles, exposing four cocks in varying stages of erection. The hot fucking session Ila did with me must have aroused them. Interestingly, the woman appears to be the most turned on by it, which may be the reason she brings her cock to Ila's lips before everyone else.

"You will suck me first, then all the others." she tells him, "I want to see everyone's cum in your mouth, at the same time. Then I want you to swallow the whole load."

ila 03-22-2018 07:35 PM

It’s no use at this point trying to fight against the kidnappers. I couldn’t take on the three men and if I did try something it might make things worse for Shawn. Therefore I comply when I’m told to get on my knees. I’m quickly surrounded by the kidnappers with their cocks out and waiting to be sucked.

I barely hear the boss lady speaking as she positions her cock at my lips. There was something about sucking each cock and not swallowing until I’ve done everyone. I’m not really paying attention though as I kiss the tip of the woman’s cock and then take the head into my mouth. She pushes her hips forward pushing in the full length of her cock.

I can’t help but think that the woman must be really horny if she doesn’t want to let me take my time and give her a sensuous blow job. The three men close in so that I can see a hard cocks at each side of her. I start sliding my mouth back and forth along her cock. At the same time I reach up with each hand to hold onto the nearest cocks.

The woman’s seeming indifference soon turns to soft sighs and then some moans as I suck hard, but slowly on her cock. I can’t believe how aroused I am. I’ve previously sucked a couple of cocks over a period of time, but this is the first time I will have sucked five in a row.

It doesn’t take long before I’m sucking hard and fast on the woman’s cock. At the same time I stroke faster on the two cocks that I’m holding. The woman suddenly groans and shoves her hips forward as she bathes the back of my throat with her sperm. She pulls back slightly, shoves forward again, and gives me a couple more weaker spurts.

As the last of the woman’s load dribbles into my mouth she pulls her cock out. It is immediately replaced by another one. I don’t want to look to find out who it is so I keep my gaze fixed forward. All I know is it’s a big cock so I assume it must be burly guy’s.

I may have been told to hold everyone’s load in my mouth, but I know that’s not going to happen nor is it possible for me. As I start sucking the new cock I surreptitiously swallow the woman’s cum. I manage to keep up my rhythm as I swallowed so I’m sure no one has noticed.

Just as I start to suck faster on the cock in my mouth the guy on my right shifts closer to the front of me. I let go of the cock I’m sucking and take in the one on my right. I hear a groan as the new cock slides into my mouth. I give a few quick sucks and go back to the previous cock.

At that moment the guy on my left shifts position to get closer to my front. I repeat my previous movement and take the cock on my left into my mouth. I give it a few sucks and then start switching among the three cocks.

As I move my mouth from cock to cock I also switch my hands among all three. I’m now more aroused than I’ve ever been. This is a completely new experience for me and my mind and my cock are reacting positively to it. I feel that if my cock is touched that I’m going to orgasm.

My thoughts spur me on to suck harder and faster on each cock. I turn my head to the left to take in that cock. As soon as it’s in my mouth I get a load of cum. When I feel the spurts die away I go to the next cock and get more cum squirted into my mouth. I quickly go to the third cock and it unloads into my mouth.

I’ve got three loads of sperm in my mouth and I’ve just done what I thought was impossible. The men have stepped away from me as they’ve cum. The boss kidnapper says, “Open your mouth, boyfriend.”

I do as she says showing her that I’ve taken everyone’s sperm.

The boss lady seems satisfied and says, “Now swallow it.”

Once more I comply with her order and swallow everything, but almost choke as I do so. I wonder what’s going to happen next. I don’t have to wait long to find out.

The woman in a sarcastic voice says, “That was a fine show, boyfriend. As your reward we’re going to let you two get cleaned up. We can’t have dirty people in our house.” Then she laughs derisively before continuing. Speaking to everyone she says, “I’ll take care of boyfriend. You,” and she indicates tattooed guy, “take Princess to the shower. She’s yours for the next half hour. Oh, and take off her bindings while she makes herself presentable.”

The woman then looks at burly guy and shorty and says, “You two will split lookout duty on the front door for the next four hours. Don’t worry,” she continues, “you’ll get your turn too.”

The woman pushed me out the door. I don’t get a chance to say anything to Shawn. I’m worried about what tattooed guy will do to her, but there’s nothing I can do with the four kidnappers between me and her.

princess shawn 03-24-2018 02:55 AM

Watching Ila be forced to suck every cock around him and swallow everyone's load at the same time, I start to feel even more worried than before. After he complies, what else will they make us do? Unlike a dom in a BDSM session, the kidnappers will not hold back when it comes to finding new ways to make us entertain them. The only source of relief is knowing that they want to keep us, which means they will never kill or injure us.

When Ila finishes, the woman tells Tattooed guy to bring me to the shower. He unties me and tears the tape off my mouth, then leads me out of the room and down the hallway by the arm. His cock is still hard and damp at the tip. Once in a while during our walk, he reached down to stroke it while rolling his eyes at me.

We enter the bathroom. He stands at the doorway while I turn the water on. Like the first time, the water is cold and takes some time to get warm. I play it safe by not stepping into it until the temperature is right.

Unlike the first time though, Tattooed guy does not wait at the entrance. He suddenly grabs me by the shoulder, startling me, and whispers into my ear, "You have a nice ass. I bet you let lots of guys spank you." He releases me and I step away from him. "You're not going anywhere. I have some interesting new games to play with you. Just you, not your boyfriend, not even the rest of the gang."

"Fuck you." I say, my voice sounding more nervous than angry.

"Go on, get in the shower." he says, "Like the boss lady said, you have to make yourself presentable. Or maybe you prefer having me do the cleaning."

Immediately, I turn away from him towards the wall. As the water runs down my naked body, I dare not turn to look at him. What will he do to me after the shower? What is happening to Ila right now? Will we ever get out of here?

To be continued...

(As I've discussed with Ila by PM, we will be pausing the story for now to take a break, come up with new ideas, take care of anything keeping us busy IRL, rebuild the craving, etc. How long the hiatus will last depends on how quickly we settle all that needs to be settled before resuming. There's no rush, I'll take my time.)

ila 05-23-2018 06:17 PM

The leader of the kidnappers pushes me through a door in the hallway and then through another door. I realize that we are in her bedroom. It’s lavishly furnished in comparison to the rest of the house. As the door shuts behind us all outside sound is blocked. The boss lady gets in front of me and I detect a subtle change in her demeanour towards me. She hasn’t done anything yet, but I do sense that she is attracted to me. So what does this mean I wonder?

I had no idea what was happening to Shawn, but much later she was able to tell me.

Shawn had just started to wash herself when she felt a presence behind her. She immediately straightened up and glanced over her shoulder to see that tattooed guy was stepping into the shower. “I can’t wait any longer, girly,” he said. “That cute, little bum is just too delectable. I’m going to sample the goods now.”

princess shawn 05-24-2018 03:56 AM

The woman's balaclava hides her facial expression but her body language speaks volumes. She shoves Ila onto the bed, straddles him and says in a soft voice, "I love the way you fucked Princess. Do you think you can do the same to me?" She presses her bare breasts against him for a moment, the tight space between her butt cheeks barely rubbing the tip of his cock, trying to get him excited with some sensual touching; at the moment, she is unsure of how Ila feels about going one-on-one with her.

Then she climbs off him and, while still on the bed, gets into position on her knees and elbows. Her ass faces him. "Go on." she says, "Fuck me."

Meanwhile, in the shower, I spin around to see Tattooed guy getting closer, unlike the previous shower where he remained at the doorway. I step backwards until my back reaches the wall, and realise that I am cornered. "Get away from me." I say to him rather nervously.

ila 05-24-2018 04:40 PM

That’s not going to help you, girlie,” Tattooed guy said as he moves closer to Shawn. “Boyfriend can’t help you. Shorty won’t come to your rescue when I’m around and the other guy is more interested in your boyfriend than he is in you.”

Tattooed guy picked up a bar of soap with one hand while reaching for Shawn with his other hand. “Nice, soft skin you have, Princess. I’m going to enjoy this more than you.”

Shawn can only watch helplessly as Tattooed guy massages his hard cock with a soapy hand while pawing her with his other rough-skinned hand. He laughs cruelly knowing Shawn is dreading what is to come.

Back in the bedroom my stiff, pulsating cock is betraying me. For the first time I notice that the boss kidnapper has a very shapely, lithe body with firm, round breasts, a tight waist, and a shapely bottom.

I want to resist boss lady, but one look from her lets me know that I’m not fooling her. She wiggles her bum enticingly and says, “I know you want it.” She pauses a moment and then says, “Or do you want me to get the guys in here to take you away.”

I know that the boss could do worse things to me than she’s hinting at and I’ll be of more help to Shawn if I’m not tied up or worse. I get up onto my knees and position myself behind the boss.

princess shawn 05-24-2018 11:29 PM

I cringe at Tattooed guy's touch before slapping his hand away. I have already been fucked once before by him, when I was tied to the rack, and I have a feeling he will be rougher than before with no one else watching him. His throbbing cock is all lubed up with soapy water. Screaming will not do any good, not when the other kidnappers are more likely to join in the fun than pull Tattooed guy away. So I just press my back against the wall and get ready to slap his hand again if he tries to grab me.

A very different situation is unfolding in the boss lady's bedroom. She knows Ila is excited; the stiffness of his cock does not lie. He just needs some encouragement by being reminded of what he may be forced to do instead, "I can have you dragged back to that room, where the guys will fuck your brains out. Do you want that? Or do you prefer to play with me?" She continues to wiggle her butt in front of Ila.

But before Ila can do anything, she adds, "And you better give me the best fucking I've ever had. I can make your stay here, and Princess', much worse if you don't satisfy me."

ila 05-25-2018 06:52 PM

I can’t believe how incredibly aroused I am. I’ve never before been ordered around like this by a woman. I’m not concerned by her threat of letting her henchman fuck me. She won’t let that happen because her own eagerness to have me for herself is showing no matter how much she wants to hide it by trying to dominate me.

I’m going to let boss lady tell me what to do, but I’m going to do it on my terms. I’ll give her the fucking she wants; in due time. First though I twist around so that I’m on my back. I wriggle myself up between her legs. Her beautiful cock is poised right in front of my lips. That’s my first target and this time I’m going to enjoy it.

Back at the shower Shawn is trying to defend herself. She is hopelessly overpowered by Tattooed guy. Before Shawn can make another move she is spun around. Tattooed guy has her chest pinned against the wall of the shower. With just one hand he held her arms behind her back. The fingers of his other hand probed her entrance.

Tattooed guy let out short laugh and said, “This is going to be even better than last time. You’d better be good, girly, or the next time will be even worse for you.” He then pushed two fingers deep into Shawn causing her gasp and then groan with pain. When he was satisfied Shawn was with his probing he pulled his fingers out and pushed his cock against her rosebud.

princess shawn 05-25-2018 11:23 PM

Ila's next move takes the boss lady by surprise. She anticipated feeling the tip of his cock dig into her tight hole, but now she looks down and sees his face between her thighs, right below her cock. It is between flaccid and erect at the moment, slightly aroused by the thought of getting fucked, but not fully hard yet.

"So you want to use your mouth first?" the woman says, smiling. She lowers herself until her shaft touches his lips. "Don't disappoint me."

In the shower, I struggle against Tattooed guy's grip. The feeling of his fingers entering me makes me grit my teeth and groan, which soon turned to stifled squeals when they slide deeper until his knuckles bump into my butt cheeks. I want to scream, but who will help me? Ila is no doubt being taken care of by the other kidnappers, whom I have a feeling will not stop Tattooed guy if they know about this.

He pulls his fingers out and I start panting. Still in his grip, I feel his cock on my hole. I want to beg him not to do it, but somehow I feel that it will not make a difference. In fact, he may even get more aroused by my pleading. And so I keep quiet, looking over my shoulder at him, bracing myself for penetration.

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