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Conversation Between JamieTS and dibble
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  1. JamieTS
    No. You really need to get an education. The orient is way different than the west. The whole feminine deal is different in the orient than in the west.

    Check out some psychological studies on the subject of transgender. Trans gender is an umbrella term for anything from Non-Binary to full blown Transexual. Yes Tranny is a term that is usually identified by porn sights, the same as shemales.

    Go to Thailand. Find your dream girl if you can. But what about the one you are dating though? Or did you date her and she left you for being so rude about other trans women. Like I said we are not all Bailey Jays or Amy Dalys or Bruna Butterflys. I mean you have Laverne Cox, you have a young girl named Jazz Jennings, you have Caitlyn Jenner. They are all transsexual and fall under the term transgender.

    Yeah you did insult me and a lot of other women here and everywhere else I am sure if you keep talking like that.
  2. dibble
    Hi Jamie. soz if I offended you, but your right this site ain t for me I ve seen enough. I ve also posted nice stuff too. I know lots of ladyboys as I taught English in Thailand. You said us trannies which surprised me a lot, as transgenders are very different to trannies.This place is full of guys talking sex like I want to stuff her ass etc, so you are all ok with that are you,? if that's not disrespecting transsexuals I don t know what is. but pick on me why not. I have a transsexual gf and don t pay, nor am I into porn. I don t need to be as I get what I want. have loads of Thai ladyboy friends but would nt give any intro s on here babe. You look lovely if that's really you, what you say does not match how you look. anyway as said, I ve seen enough on here and most need to get an education.
  3. dibble
    dunno what your on about lol, haha, you on summet, give me sum.

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